Dahon MuEX

The Dahon MuEX is the top tier folding bike carried by Dahon. With a flat handlebar, 2x10 speed drivetrain, it rolls fast and folds well. Also, it is a lightweight bike that is outfitted with quality components. It is also comparable to the Tern Verge X20.

Here are some articles showing how I built and upgraded the Dahon MuEX, from just the bare frame to a high performance folding bike. First it was a 2x10 speed drivetrain with mechanical shifting components. After that, it was further upgraded to a 2x10 speed Ultegra/XTR Di2 electronic shifting setup.

Building the Dahon MuEX
Dahon MuEX with mechanical 2x10 speed components

Building the Dahon MuEX: Part 1 - Frameset and Wheelset
Building the Dahon MuEX: Part 2 - Shifters, Brakes, Seatpost, etc
Building the Dahon MuEX: Part 3 - Crankset, RD, FD, Cassette, Chain
Building the Dahon MuEX: Part 4 - Troubleshooting and Additional Changes

Dahon MuEX: 2x10 Speed Ultegra/XTR Di2
 Dahon MuEX with Ultegra/XTR Di2 2x10 speed electronic shifting

Part 1: Compatibility Checking for Front Derailleur and Battery Mount
Part 2: Components for Ultegra/XTR Di2
Part 3: Installation of Ultegra/XTR Di2

Wheelset Upgrade
Dahon Kinetix Pro Wheelset

Dahon MuEX: 1x11 Speed Ultegra Di2
Dahon MuEX with 1x11 Speed Ultegra Di2 Setup

Part 1: 11 Speed Cassette Modification
Part 2: Ultegra Di2 RD Cage Modification
Part 3: Wolf Tooth 48T Chainring on Ultegra 6800 Crankset
Part 4: Installation

Ergon GP1 Grips


  1. Hi. Great website. I have been inspired to build my own lightweight pocket rocket? Can you advise which is the lightest/best frame to build on? I am thinking Helios alu frame ( the Helios sl was the lightest dahon @7.8kg) or vitesse alu frame or mu alu frame like yours or Fnhon frame? Thank you.

    1. Do you need the bike to fold? If not, a mini velo frame would be lighter than a folding bike frame.

      The Dahon Helios SL has been out of production for many years, so any such frames would have seen quite a few years of usage.

      Fnhon frames are quite lightweight and affordable, just that no warranty if anything goes wrong.

      I personally like the Tern Verge frame, as it looks good and is a good weight. Not the lightest frame though as it is rather beefed up with strong folding joints.

      If you are building your own bike from scratch, can get the Fnhon or MuEX frame. Else you can buy the full bike from the shop and modify. I recommend the Tern Verge N8 or P9 as they are not that expensive, and has all the necessary attachment points (RD and FD mounts) for easy upgrading.

  2. Thank you Steve for your advice. What do you think about the Java carbon folding frame on taobao, apparently it is only 1.4kg! What do you think about the options of kitting it out with ProLite light weight wheels and Sram force 22 speed group set? Is there any things I need to watch out for? I am worried that the generic commercially available ProLite wheels on Taobao won't take 11 speed cassette.

    1. I have considered that frame, but not sure if the quality of carbon frames bought from Taobao is good or not.

      Just make sure the rear hub can support 11 speeds, and that the front hub width is compatible. Other components are quite standard.

  3. Hey Steve! Been following your blog for awhile now for product reviews but more importantly your handson/diy segments. It takes time and effort to get it up on the blog so others can learn from it.

    I recently bought 2 Fnhon Tornado (VG2018, V Brake only version) complete bicycles from 77bike's taobao store. It costs about 900 SGD after factoring in shipping etc. It was thanks to all your useful information regarding customizing a bicycle.

    I wanted the Mu Ex frame initially. However because my purpose for them was commuting/touring/exercise so I figured having rack eyelets will be essential but the Mu Ex being a high performance bike did not.

    Another key consideration is the V-Clamp technology. I wanted it because it seems to be an easier and more durable hinge/clamp technology.

    I got 2 bikes, 1 for me and 1 for my gf and because we had a budget of about $800 each(18 speeds, Shimano Sora FD/RD/Crankset, V-Clamp, stiff frame similar to MuEx and Vector) I figured customizing will be the only way to get key components and not blowing our budget.

    I almost got a Dahon Vitesse P18 in Singapore but the seller was asking $800, used. I understand it costs alot more but there isn't much value.

    I'd definitely recommend 77bike taobao store (https://77bike.world.taobao.com/). They do have configured versions but I wanted to select every part for a purpose so I manually added individual components. I like to have budget options so I'll be trying out the Litepro Dual Kickstand. I really like the Pletscher ones but it's too much coin especially having to get 1 for each bicycle :(

    This is my part of passing it on to others:

    Perhaps some readers might need some help with the Chinese. My Chinese is atrocious but I somehow manage lol. The following list is good for ordering from 77bike taobao shop. I'm not sure of the terms for other shops. I chose not to order pedals because I'll be getting the MKS FD-7 for my gf and the Wellgo Xpedo Quick Release Pedals for myself.

    The total price will have a 10% discount. If you look at their preconfigured bicycles the total price and selling price is different. I presume because it's considered a "bulk" order hence the discount.

    车架 (Frame) VG2018 黑黄 1460
    头管 (Handlepost) 双节可调头管 238
    车把 (Handlebar) MaxtronNeedle 3 25.4 560mm 45
    把套 (Handlebar Grips) Soldier 把套黑色 38
    碗组 (Headset) MaxtronOrb 黑色 88
    刹把 (Brake Lever) AvidFR7 87
    刹车 (Brake Caliper) Avid SD3 55 Eiosix 959vc 50
    线管 (Cable Housing) Jagwire L3 黑色 40
    指拨 (Shifters) Shimano Alivio M4000 130
    前拨 (Front Derailleur) Shimano Sora 3500 83
    后拨 (Rear Derailleur) Shimano Sora 3500 95
    牙盘 (Chainring) Shimano FC-350 52/39 350
    中轴 (Bottom Bracket) Shimano FC-350
    飞轮 (Cassette) Shimano HG400-9 11-32 85
    链条 (Chain) KMC Z99 9S 45 KMC 9S Link 4
    轮组 (Wheelset) LP Kpro Novatec DT Spokes 850
    外胎 (Tires) Schwalbe Marathon Racer 170
    内胎 (Inner tube) Kenda 1.25/1.5 9.8*2
    胎垫 (Rim Tape) Maxtron 20" 12
    座垫 (Saddle) Velo 3147 49
    座管 (Seatpost) Maxtron Tower3 98
    脚踏 (Pedals) - No Pedals

  4. Hello, it's me again..Need to seek your advice on the following. I'm riding a Verge P9 and as you know it comes with square tapered bb. I'm looking to change the bb and also the crankset and running on single chainring.

    So my question is,
    Driveline Alpina-OS Crankset
    BCD: 130mm
    So based on the BCD, i can get a 55T single chainring with a BCD of 130mm and it fits right?

    Next up would be the bb for the crankset,
    Would something like Shimano Ultegra 6800 Bottom Bracket or Deore BB52 Hollowtech II Bottom Bracket 68mm fit in?

    Much thanks.

    1. As long as the BCD is the same, the 55T chainring or chain guard will fit.

      As for the crankset and bb, I am not sure about the spec of the crankset spindle. If it is a 24mm axle, same as Shimano hollowtech II crankset, it will fit. Depending on your frame bb width, get the road bb or mtb bb.

  5. Hi, I'm using a Shimano 105 5800 11 Speed Double crankset for my MuEX but I read somewhere that the muEX frame is not compatible for 11 speed components. Are there 11s components that are compatible? Or should I just replace the 105 5800 with a 10s crank instead?
    I'm using wheelsport sunny 406.

    Right now I am replacing these items:
    - FD & RD
    - cassette
    - shifters

    Thanks in advance.

    1. The long arm 11 speed FD is not compatible with the frame. Other components are OK.

  6. I saw your blog from the past
    Thank you for help in making my MU-EX.


    1. Wow very nice! Why did you wrap the whole frame in clear plastic film?

  7. I saw your blog from the past
    Thank you for help in making my MU-EX.


  8. Dahon Ikon E bike resr derailleur upgrade
    After 2500 km and continuous shifting troubles with the 8 gears neos derailleur and shifter I finally upgraded the Ikon with a 9 gear SRAM cassette, chain and SRAM X9 derailleur + Gripshifter X0. Derailleur hanger also changed into Marvel type 9002. Finally the bike is now improved with a well working system that really reacts!

  9. I have a MTB wanting to convert to a gravel, any help?

  10. Hi Steve 👋

    Really inspired by your post I just got a Dahon Mu Lx and the upgrade hit me 🤣

    Based on the specifications of this bike, what would you suggest to upgrade for better performance?


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