Wheelsport Mini Velo

Here is a page dedicated to the Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo! I have upgraded many bikes these few years, from folding bikes to road bikes, from mountain bikes to commuting bikes, but I have not actually upgraded a mini velo before.

Note that there are two different Wheelsport Fantasy mini velos shown below. The glossy black frame with red rims is my friend's bike, while the matte black frame with gold/black rims is the one I bought for myself.

Stock 1x9 Speed Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo

Upgraded 2x10 Speed Flat Handlebar Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo

Upgraded 2x10 Speed Drop Bar Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo

Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo: Drop Bar 2x10 Speed
Part 1: Original Bike Components
Part 2: Bike Disassembly and Component Weight
Part 3: Installation of New Components
Part 4: Final Assembly and Comparison
Part 5: Flat Bar to Drop Bar Conversion
Part 6: Geometry Comparison
Part 7: Solving Chain Interference at FD + Extra Bottle Cage


Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo with Ultegra Di2 2x11 Speed

Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo with Ultegra 6800 mechanical 2x11 speed

Wheelsport Fantasy Drop Bar Mini Velo: Ultegra Di2 2x11 Speed
Part 1: Frame Design and Carbon Fork
Part 2: Compatibility Check for Wheelset and Brake Calipers
Part 3: Component Selection
Part 4: Installation Issues and Solutions
Part 5: Final Assembly
Part 6: Accessories and Geometry Comparison
Part 7: Wheelsport Smart 1.0 451 Wheelset + Schwalbe One 451 Tires
Part 8: 451 Wheelset Installation + Ultegra 6800 Brake Calipers
Part 9: Summary of Challenges and Solutions
Part 10: Ultegra 6800 Groupset with Mechanical Shifting
Part 11: 1x11 Speed Lightweight Setup Part 1
Part 12: 1x11 Speed Lightweight Setup Part 2
Part 13: 1x11 Speed Lightweight Setup Part 3
Part 14: Full Dura-Ace 9000 Groupset

1x11 Speed Lightweight Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo

Complete Dura-Ace 9000 groupset

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