Birdy AXS 12 Speed

From the stock Birdy City with a 9 speed Sora drivetrain, 18 inch wheels and mechanical disc brakes, see how it gets completely transformed into a top level folding bike with a 12 speed SRAM AXS drivetrain, 20 inch carbon wheels, and full hydraulic disc brakes.


  1. Whats the total damage on the upgrade?

  2. Hi, as a potential Birdy buyer, i wanted to say a big thank you for publishing such a comprehensive set of photos and measurements!

  3. Nice setup...I didn't use the XDR using freehubs 11S with Ultegra 12S 11-30T with SRAM force 2023. It works fine.

    1. I recently heard that a SRAM RD with Shimano 12 speed cassette works fine, will try that next time. The gear range is reduced though so a bit reluctant.


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