Overseas Cycling

Here is a collection of the info regarding bicycles in Taiwan and also cycling in Taiwan. Recently added was the Bonza Bike Tour in Sydney.

Bike Shops at Downtown San Francisco
5 bike shops at downtown San Francisco

Cycling In San Francisco and Long Beach
Cycling Route plus photos and videos of the cycling trip

Bike Shops in Taipei
Some bike shops in Taipei, specializing in accessories and folding bikes

LCSG Cycling in Taiwan 2012:
Day 1 & 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6-9

Bonza Bike Tour in Sydney, Australia
Manly Beach and Sunset Cruise


  1. What would you recommend to check in the flamingo for flight? Since I'm touring can't use hardcase

  2. Use a cardboard box then. Depending on your arrangement at the other side, you can keep the cardboard box for the return trip, or discard it and get another one for the return trip.

  3. Hi Steve,

    Are you the owner of this blog? I stumbled upon your blog, being new to this whole bike thingy but recently saw folding bike and got very intrigued by it. I would like to do a cycling trip in Europe so am thinking if it's worth while getting a folding bike of my own? verge X10 or verge X20? Can you give me some advice on the two options? And if makes practical sense for me to pack and fly the foldie overseas?

    1. For touring, it is a better idea to get a folding bike that has stronger wheels. The X10 and X20 are built for speed but may not be so suitable for touring. Look for the other models where you can put on fenders and rear rack for touring. Check out other blogs for more details on touring with folding bikes.

    2. Thanks Steve! Based on your biking tour experience, do you advocate bringing own bike overseas or simply renting one there? Also with the verge x10, is it possible to upgrade that to 20 speed?

      Cheers, HP

    3. Whether to rent or bring your own bike depends on where you are going. If going to tour within the city and nearby countryside, renting is fine, provided there are good bike rental shops around.

      However, if you are planning to travel from place to place, stopping by a different city everyday, then you will need your own bike.

      The Verge X10 frame should have the FD hanger on the frame, which makes it easy to upgrade to 20 speeds. You can refer to my guide for building my MuEX bike.

    4. Thanks Steve! Was reading your other blogs and found them really educational and informative!

      I was checking the verge P9, verge x10 and verge x20 and realized they all used the same frame material type. Does it mean they all weigh the same and is of the same quality?

      Also I found two second hand bikes, verge x10 ($2000) and verge x20 ($3600). Do you think it's worth buying verge x10 and upgrade that to a good 2*10 speed gear and still keep it under 10kg or better to go for the verge x20 in this case?

    5. The X10 and X20 have the same frame, while the P9 frame may not have such nice welds, but is still of good quality.

      I would suggest getting the X10 and upgrading to your preferred components. It will still come out cheaper.

    6. Hey thanks a lot for the trusted advice! Will checking out your blogs from time to time, cheers!

  4. HI Steve
    I'm new here. Just bought a Dahon mu P9, is it suitable for touring and what accessories in needed to do so?

    1. It would be OK for light touring where there are not many slopes. A rear rack will enable you to carry luggage, while fenders will minimise road spray from wet roads.

      For more serious touring, a front double chainring is needed to have sufficient gears for climbing.

    2. Thanks Steve. One more thing, what handlepost can I get to replace the current 2-pc muP9 original as it flexes too much.

    3. You can find the Fnhon brand of handlepost to replace the original adjustable handlepost. Just search around this blog and you will find lots of info.

  5. Steve, I like how you customized your bike..I'm am not good in customizing bikes because lack of experience and no set of tools..can you build me one then sell it to me..thank you.. ellyaquim at yahoo dot com

    1. I modify bikes because of my interest and because I like to tinker with the bike. I am not interested in building a bike just to sell.


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