Merida Scultura 5000

My first road bike! Here is a collection of posts about the Merida Scultura 5000, and the upgrades and modifications that I have done to the bike.


  1. Love your blog! so many useful information. I am riding a Merida Reacto 5000 at the moment (8.3kg claimed without pedals) but when i weighted the bike at home it weights almost 9kg with pedals installed) Change the wheelset from stock Merida brand to Fulcrum Racing Quattro LG (not the lightest at 1725g) and now my bike weights 8.35kg. I am considering to change the stem and handlebar (exactly the same one as your stock Scultura) to 3T brand to reduce about 60gram but not sure if it's worth the upgrade. Also considering to change the crankset from FSA Gossamer Pro to Ultegra (50gram reduce) , Saddle from Prologo Kappa3 to Pro Falcon Ti (60g reduce), total 170g reduction. Not much but need to fork out about rm1500 (SGD500) for this small amount of weight reduction. Not sure if it's worth it. I should have use the money to get a better wheel instead about maybe reduce about 200g or more. What do you think?

    1. I have just posted about the Merida Reacto 4000, which is similar to what you have.

      The weight of the stock bike is 9kg without pedals, so it is around that range.
      The stock wheelset is about 2.5kg according to my estimate, so you have saved almost 800 grams from this change, which is a good amount.
      Changing to a carbon handlebar like mine will save about 100 grams which is more significant but of course more costly.
      You can upgrade the groupset for more weight savings but that will be expensive. It is only possible to save a bit of weight here and there which can add up. Otherwise, the frame itself it rather heavy which means that it is not possible to reduce much weight.
      In any case, this is an aero bike which will weigh more. Weight is also not a big factor unless you are doing a lot of climbing.

  2. Great! Looking forward to read more on Reacto 4000. My Reacto 5000 comes with Ultegra parts except the brakes which is 105 and crankset which is FSA Gossamer. I measured my stock wheels complete with skewers, tubes, tires and 105
    Cassette which is about 3.45-3.5kg. The new Fulcrum Racing Quattro complete skewers, tires, tube and cassette weights about 2.7kg in comparison. I did reduce about 800grams which i am quite happy with. Should have invested a bit more on carbon wheels and i might have reduced 1kg. I read in that the frame itself is 1180gram.

  3. And oh my bike is 50cm size and the weight of 8.35kg is with bottle cages, handpump holder and garmin holder as well.