Fnhon Gust


  1. Nyah here. I'm considering the Gust and would like to know what the widest tire it will take, when using 305 wheels, if you happen to know. Do you think it could still take fenders if I used 50mm (Big Apple, etc) tires?

  2. Not sure about your requirements, as I don't have the bike to check. Best to find an actual bike for measurements and checking.

  3. Hi. Found your blog while searching about Gust builds. Do you think it is better to build Gust with the Disc brake frame or V-brake frame?

    1. V brakes have some limitations, such as tire clearance and interference. Disc brakes would be better but it will be heavier by around 500 grams or so.

  4. The disc frame doesn't have thru-axles, thus nothing to prevent the onset of brake-squeal. QR-skewers were designed for rim brakes and not for disc. Best to go with the V-brake version for a more satisfying ride, I say.

    I think Tylsteve might've mis-spoke about V-brakes having tire clearance/interference limitations.