Dahon Boardwalk

From the humble Dahon Boardwalk D7 to the current fully-modified Dahon Boardwalk Ultegra Di2, there has been a lot of changes! Along the way, the speeds were changed from 7 to 8, 8 to 9, and recently a front derailleur was added, doubling the number of speeds to 18. And to make it even better, the drivetrain has again been upgraded to an electronic Shimano 2X10 speeds, making the bike a 20 speed folding bike with Ultegra Di2! The final iteration is a 2x11 speed Ultegra Di2 system, which rides and shifts really well.

From flat handlebars to bullhorn bars, and then to dropbars, the changes have been well documented. The wheelset has been changed from the stock Dahon D7 wheels, to Kinetix Comp, to PZ Racing, to Wheelsport wheels and finally to custom Novatec/Chris King wheels!

There are many many more components that were upgraded, read all about it and enjoy all the pictures at the links below!

Journey of the Boardwalk 

Part 1: The start of the poison
- Kinetix Comp wheelset
- Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires
- MKS FD-6 folding pedals
- Avid brake levers and calipers
- Biologic Aria saddle

Part 2: Going from 7 to 8 speeds
- SRAM PG 850 cassette
- SRAM Attack 8 speed shifters
-Ergon GX-2 grips

Part 3: The start of the gold bling
- Dahon Tour Bag
- OTA Seatpost
- TAT Gold QR Skewers
- Shimano 105 5600 Crankset

Part 4: From 8 to 9 speeds
- Schwalbe Kojak tires
- SRAM PG 970 cassette, and custom 9 speed cassette
- SRAM Attack 9 speed shifters

Part 5: More gold bling, more speed
- Ultegra 6700 Rear Derailleur
- PZ Racing wheelset
- Gold bolts and nuts

Part 6: Upping the ante: Shimano XT and SRAM X9
- SRAM X9 Rear Derailleur
- SRAM X9 Shifters
- Shimano XT Shifters

Part 7: Stiffer bike = More stable ride
- Dahon one-piece handlepost (Mu Uno)
- Controltech Scandium handlebar

Part 8: Fine-tuning the reach
- LitePro gold stem

Part 9: Gold reinforcements from Taiwan
- Gold Aerozine Ceramic BB
- Gold brake pad holders
- Gold cable housings
- Gold Wheelsport wheelset

Part 10: Forking out the money to save weight
- Puro U7 Aluminium fork
- Gold sealed bearing headset

Part 11: Clamping down on gold
- LitePro gold seat post clamp

Part 12: Pedal on...
- LitePro G017 Pedals

Part 13: Bullhorns for the Dahon
- Kinetix Pro TT Bullhorn bar
- Shimano Tiagra road shifters
- Shimano 105 rear derailleur
- Travel Agent by Problem Solvers
- Tektro Cyclocross brake levers

Part 14: From V-brakes to Caliper brakes
- Tektro R559 Extra Long Reach caliper brakes

Part 15: Gold gold gold and more gold bling
- Return of the Gold Ultegra 6700 RD
- Gold road brake pad holders

Part 16: Doubling the number of speeds
- LitePro Front Derailleur Adaptor for Dahon
- Shimano 105 5700 Front Derailleur
- LitePro flexible V-brake noodle

Part 17: Saddling up
- Rido LT Road Saddle
- Seatpost end cap for Dahon seatposts

Part 18: Dahon Boardwalk X20-R
- Shimano 105 5700 shifters
- Shimano 105 5700 12-27T Cassette
- Shimano Dura-Ace 7901 10 speed chain
- ABR Anatomic Dropbars
- Jagwire Inline Cable Adjusters
- Fizik Bar Tape


 Part 19: Adding Capacity
- Biologic Arclite Rack
- Ortlieb Front Roller Classic Panniers

Part 20: Beefing up the crankset
- Shimano Ultegra 6700 Crankset

Part 21: Eliminating Butt Ache
- Bontrager Evoke RL Saddle

Part 22: Uniquely Gold
- Gold left crank cap
- Gold barrel adjusters for caliper brakes

Part 23: Pedaling with Style
- Shimano PD-A530 SPD Pedals

Part 24: Fresh Rubber
- Kojak Tires with Kevlar Bead

Part 25: Shift-by-electric-wire
- Ultegra Di2 Part 1
- Component part list

Part 26: It's alive!
- Ultegra Di2 Part2
- Wiring up everything

Part 27:Electronic Shifting
- Ultegra Di2 Part3
- Installation on bike

Part 28: Setting up the controls
- Reprogramming Ultegra Di2
- Firmware update
- Multi-shift feature enabled

Part 29: Digital Gear Display
- Alfine Di2 Digital Gear Display

Part 30: FNHON Handlepost
- 31.5cm Fnhon Handlepost

Part 31: Standard Front Brake Caliper
- Elosix Front Brake Adaptor
- Tiagra 4600 Front Brake Caliper

Part 32: Mini Front Fender
- Modified SKS Front Fender

Part 33: Power braking
- Shimano Ultegra BR-6800 Caliper Brakes

Part 34: Custom Wheelset
- Chris King R45 11 Speed Rear Hub
- Novatec 74mm Front Hub
- LitePro 20" Rims
- Wheelset Comparison

Part 35: New Seatpost
- Crius Seatpost

Part 36: New Drop Bar, Handlepost and Stem
- FSA Vero Compact Drop Bar, 31.8mm, 400mm wide
- Fnhon Handlepost, 27cm, 4 bolt clamp type
- Parasol Tree 31.8mm stem
- Cane Creek Crosstop Levers

Part 37: Installing the New Drop Bar, Handlepost and Stem
- FSA Vero Compact Drop Bar, 31.8mm, 400mm wide
- Fnhon Handlepost, 27cm, 4 bolt clamp type
- Parasol Tree 31.8mm stem, one-piece construction
- Cane Creek Crosstop Levers

Part 38: Cutting Weight and Improving Appearance
- Remove rear rack
- Remove fork accessory bracket

Part 39: Tern Handlepost Upgrade
- Tern Physis Handlepost
- Controltech 31.8mm Stem

Part 40: From Touring Mode to Race Mode
- Remove Pletscher double kickstand
- Remove SKS fenders
- Tidy up handlebar area

Part 41: Components for 11 Speed Di2
- New 11 speed Ultegra Di2 components
- 11 Speed 11-25T cassette
- 50/34T compact crankset

Part 42: Installing 11 Speed Ultegra Di2
- Ultegra 6870 Di2 RD
- Ultegra 6870 Di2 FD
- Ultegra 6800 Compact Crankset
- Dura-Ace 9000 Cassette 11-25T
- Dura-Ace 9000 Chain

Part 43: Shimano Di2 D-Fly Wireless Unit EWW01
- D-Fly Wireless Unit for Di2 Gear Display

Complete Component Specifications as of 08 July 2015