Thursday, April 21, 2022

Cervelo Aspero: Random Exploration Rides

Another post to write about and share the photos from the many random exploration rides that I did on the Cervelo Aspero gravel bike. Check out the first part here!

On the railway bridge near The Rail Mall, on the Green Corridor.

Gravel bike at home on gravel

Around Pandan Reservoir, with the fine gravel track. Rideable on a road bike as well.

These WTB Venture 47 tires are overkill for this light gravel track, but fun nevertheless.

RX8 gravel shoes for gravel riding!

Along Pang Sua PCN, but on the opposite side which is unpaved.

This stretch has the best gravel track, as it is bumpy enough for the tubeless tires and Redshift ShockStop suspension stem to really shine.

View of the Pang Sua Canal

Full gravel setup, including the PRO Stealth Off-Road saddle.

Pang Sua PCN completely deserted on a weekday afternoon.

Did some exploration, and ended up really far along this little path.

This is right at the end of the Pang Sua canal, where it flows into Kranji Reservoir. This is more than 2 km from the main road.

Red arrow shows where I was, right at the end of the canal.

The walking path is surprisingly well-cleared, although I don't see a reason for anyone to venture down this path.

Beautiful scenery!

Feels like I'm at the countryside in another country, as I cannot hear any traffic or see high rise buildings.

It just feels so liberating to be able to ride anywhere on the gravel bike. As shown from the pictures above, this route was totally unplanned. I saw a path and just went along it, curious to find out where it led.

Added some pictures of the newly completed PCN on the other side of the Pang Sua canal.

Map showing where this picture was taken

Not a soul in sight under the afternoon sun!

Cervelo Aspero: Scenic Rides on PRO Stealth Off-Road Saddle

With a gravel bike, every ride is fun as I don't feel restricted to riding on the roads or nicely paved paths. In fact, almost all my rides on the Cervelo Aspero never goes according to plan, as I like to take detours to check out interesting places that would not be possible on my road bike.

Here is a collection of pictures from some of these random rides, which don't really belong in any particular blog post.

For those who have been here, you definitely remember the ride. At the top of the Lorong Sesuai slope.

With a low gear ratio of 24.4 gear inches, climbing this slope is not too tough.

At Jurong Lake Gardens!

Paint job looks amazing in the sun. Also check out the custom frame bag.

A front single drivetrain with a mix of different components!

Lovely weather for riding

The PRO Stealth Off-Road saddle was installed on the Cervelo Aspero recently, in order to provide a bit more cushion over bumpy terrain, and also to improve the saddle comfort after a professional bike fit at LOUE Bicycles.

Using the measurements from the bike fit to duplicate the saddle position from the Focus Paralane road bike to the Cervelo Aspero.

Trying my best to set the saddle position (fore/aft, height, tilt) properly.

A dedicated gravel bike setup, at the Green Corridor.

I love riding the gravel sections of the Green Corridor, as this gravel bike just floats over it.

The GRX ST-RX815 Di2 shifters are really good for off-road riding compared to road shifters.

PRO Vibe Aero Superlight Handlebar on the gravel bike, which is a mismatch. I love the RX8 gravel shoes in Cactus Berry colour!

Nothing much to conclude here, just a post for me to share miscellaneous photos of the Cervelo Aspero on random rides.