Java Freccia Mini Velo

A new bike! This time, it is a mini velo with a carbon fiber frame and fork. It is similar in concept to the Wheelsport Fantasy mini velo, but it has a lightweight frame that makes it possible for the complete bike to weigh below 7 kg!


  1. Hi there, I myself am a fan of the mini velo. I am quite impressed with your various set up and builds. I have a custom frame for a mini velo and would like to seek your opinions on some of the various options I am considering such as belt drive, IGH or even disc brakes. Do you have an email address I can contact you? Thanks.

    1. For belt drive, you will need a frame with an opening at the chain stay or seat stay to install the belt.
      For internal hub, you will need a way to tension the chain, either by eccentric bb, horizontal dropouts, or chain tensioner.
      As for disc brakes, the fork and frame must have disc brake caliper mountings, while the wheel hubs must accept brake rotors.
      Does your custom mini velo frame have all these?

    2. I had those extra features incorporated in the frame when it was made. Kind of future proof the bike. The frame has got horizontal dropouts. But I am currently using a 1x11 set up. I think I will need a new fork as the current one does not have the caliber mounts. I will drop you another message with my email address, please don't post that here. Perhaps I can send you some pictures of the bike through email. Thanks.