Fnhon DB11

It is not so common to see folding bikes with disc brakes, as they are not really necessary, and add weight and cost to the bike. However, I like hydraulic disc brakes and this new build is focused on building a folding bike with hydraulic disc brakes.

For this new project, a Fnhon disc brake compatible frameset was purchased, and some compatible components were transferred over from the Dahon MuEX. Other components such as hydraulic disc brakes and wheelset were new.

An emphasis was placed on minimizing the weight increase of this bike over the Dahon MuEX with V-brakes. Therefore, some high end and lightweight components were selected, but not to the point of being boutique components with very high price tags.

Wheelset, Tires, Brake Rotors
(Coming Soon)

Seatpost, Saddle, Kickstand
(Coming Soon)

Assembly Begins
(Coming Soon)

Assembly Completed
(Coming Soon)

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