Ascent Bolt Mini Velo

Lightweight mini velo with a high quality paint finishing, and smooth welds. Versatile frame to cater to your specific needs.


  1. I had the opportunity to ride a mini velo (JAVA CL2) but find that the riding posture is different from riding a dolphin frame folding bicycle. I felt the posture too upright for my comfort.

    One selling point for mini velo is it's fixed frame which will not creak like foldies over time. May I ask if this common perception is true since you own a few sold built folding bicycles ?

    1. Without the folding joints, it will be stiffer and does not creak. And the frame is also much lighter.
      If the handlebar is too high, can always cut the steerer tube to lower it. No reason why the riding posture cannot be the same as other folding bikes.


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