Monday, April 16, 2012

Aerozine Ceramic BB on the Dahon Boardwalk

Just a short video which I took a while back, showing the newly installed Aerozine Ceramic BB which I bought from Taiwan. The bearings are really really smooth straight out of the box, as you can see from the video below! With just a light push on the pedals, the cranks go round and round for quite a while.

For pictures of the BB, check out the link below.

Refresh the page if the video doesn't load!


This video was taken when my Dahon Boardwalk was still a 9 speed bike with Shimano 105 cranks.

To read up on more good stuff which I bought from Taiwan last year, check out the blog post here!


  1. Can this bottom bracket be used with stock Dahon cranks?

    1. No cannot. the stock cranks use square taper bb. for this aerozine bb, you need to use Shimano Hollowtech II crankset.

    2. alright thanks! any good square taper bb to recommend to me?

    3. no point changing from square taper bb to another square taper bb. can't really tell the difference. but changing to a Hollowtech crankset can be felt clearly.

  2. Hi, can a 68/73mm bb fits onto Tern verge P18? is it consider an upgrade to change the current stock bb?

  3. You will need a road 68mm bb, English threaded, for the Dahon/Tern. You will need to upgrade the crankset at the same time, and the difference you feel is mainly from the stiffer crankset. A good bb will also be smoother than the stock bb.

  4. hi can aerozine ceramic bb 08-xc-68/73 fit on dahon speed p8 wif shimano 105 crankset?