Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fitting 3 bikes into the space of 1

So many bikes at home and no space to store them! Luckily they are all folding bikes, no problem!

4 bikes at home!

From left to right, we have the Flamingo London NX7, the Dahon Boardwalk X20-R, the yellow yellow CarryMe (borrowed from 明天), and Bernice's Dahon Vitesse P18-TT. Wheel sizes range from 8" to 20".

Except for the Dahon Boardwalk, the other 3 bikes are fully folded.

By folding the Flamingo, Vitesse and CarryMe, the space that the bikes take up is much smaller! See how wonderful folding bikes are, especially if you have little space to store your bikes. Just look at the CarryMe, with such a small footprint when folded. It is practically the size of a bunch of umbrellas!

The 3 bikes curling up and snuggling up to each other cozily.

Together, these 3 bikes take up less space than a full sized road bike or mountain bike!

It seems that for folding bikes, it does not matter how many you have, as long as you can fold them! It is unlikely that you will use all of them frequently, so it is probably feasible to fold up a few of them and leave the rest unfolded. The best thing about folding bikes is that they take up so little space when folded.

How do your store your bikes at home?


  1. Hi there! Been following your blogs... Just noticed that why is it that with my Flamingo, what is printed in the body is London 7NX? Yours is NX7 ... Hmmmm


  2. ehh? maybe different year's model