Saturday, September 10, 2011

Journey of the Boardwalk: Part 12 - LitePro Pedals

Finally found some time to write about the LitePro pedals! Previously I was using the MKS FD-6 folding pedals, which are very good folding pedals indeed. The MKS pedals have very smooth bearings, which is why many cyclists with folding bikes have changed to the MKS folding pedals.

However, being folding pedals, the folding joint is ultimately the weak link in the whole pedal body. After using it for about one and a half years, there is some looseness when the pedal is unfolded. The outer half of the pedal will have some play relative to the inner part which is bolted to the crank.

Of course, there is no big deal, as the pedals still work fine. Another reason I changed pedals is because with the new folding method that I am using for my Boardwalk, I find that there is actually no need for folding pedals. The pedals will actually be kept within the folded package, even without folding the pedals.

Comparing the pedals, these LitePro ones are actually much lighter than the MKS pedals. According to my slightly inaccurate weighing scale, the MKS pedals weigh 440g a pair, while the LitePro pedals weigh only 220g a pair, half the weight!

New LitePro pedals!

MKS FD-6 folding pedals

Installation was not too difficult, it only requires Allen keys of the correct size and some muscle power. Some people have asked me why I didn't get the gold coloured LitePro pedals instead. Actually I had considered it, but a whole slab of gold would look out of place. Also, I wouldn't bear to step on the shiny gold pedals! Black would fit the cranks better and not dirty so easily.

These pedals are actually about 1 cm shorter than the MKS pedals. Initially I was not used to the smaller platform, especially when I was wearing my oversized Crocs haha. However, when I used my cycling shoes, the size was just right. As long as you don't have huge feet, these pedals would not seem too small.

Size of the pedal fits my shoe nicely!

Also, since there is no folding joint, the pedals feels much more solid when I pedal hard. Can feel a slight improvement in power transfer. Even though the bearings in the LitePro pedals are not as silky smooth as the MKS pedals, I can't really feel the difference when pedalling.

Besides the seat clamp and these pedals, some other LitePro products that I am using include the gold chainring bolts and the gold stem for the handlebar.

Gold chainring bolts on the crankset

Gold stem to extend the reach of the handlebar!

More info regarding the LitePro chainring bolts and stem can be found at the previous blog entries!


  1. Me again, joining the discussion late. Do the LitePro pedals use sealed cartridge bearings and if so would you happen to know the size (IDxODxW)? I'm tired of buying pedals that can't be reconditioned when the bearings are shot! Thanks for your help, Kind regards.

    1. I think they used sealed bearings. I dunno the size, but I find the width too narrow for my US size 9 feet.