Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Are You a Weight Weenie?

Updated 01 October 2017

Are you a weight weenie? Google defines it as "A cyclist that is concerned about the weight of his or her bicycle." But I feel that this definition is not strong at all, it fails to capture the single-minded, relentless pursuit of bicycle weight loss. As found elsewhere on bike forums, the definition below captures the essential meaning of a weight weenie much better.

"A true weight weenie is one who can't sleep at night thinking about his next upgrade and all the possibilities for grams to be shaved-off. When the dream eventually becomes a reality, the process is again repeated."

I couldn't have said it better! Many cyclists like to upgrade components in order to save weight, believing that it will make them go faster. Whether it is really true or not, I am not sure. Even if you do go a bit faster, the gain is probably miniscule compared to the total time. The majority of the weight actually comes from the rider, so losing weight off the rider is probably more effective (but harder!)

I have gone through many many different bike components for all the bikes that I have upgraded. Along the way, I have actually kept a pretty good record of the component weights! Initially it was only meant for my own reference, to see if a new component is really as light as the manufacturer claims to be. But the database expanded and expanded, and I have the weights of most components that have come into contact with the bikes.

Want to know the weight of all these components? Read on to find out!

Before you get too excited, take note that some of these component weights were measured using a luggage scale, while others are measured using a digital weighing scale. The accuracy for the luggage weighing scale is probably something like +/-10 grams, while the digital weighing scale seems to haev an accuracy of  +/-1 grams. Nevertheless, it can serve as a great reference when you need to compare component weights. One advantage of using a luggage scale is that it can weigh large components such as a bicycle frame or wheelset, and has a much higher weight limit than small digital scales.

Am I a weight weenie? I am probably a "weenie" weight weenie, which means that I do care about losing weight off the bike, but not to the extent that I put in lots of money to obtain the lightest components. For me, changing a component to get a weight loss of less than 100 grams is probably not worth the extra money.

After looking at the component weights below, you will know if you are a weight weenie. If you find yourself checking out where to get a lighter component, you probably are!

Let me use the component list as seen in the Bike Comparision Series, "Cheap Bikes vs Premium Bikes".

Frame and Fork

Dahon Boardwalk D7 Frameset
Dahon Boardwalk Chromoly Steel Frame (including headset, frame latch, seatpost clamp, RD hanger): 3020 grams
Dahon Vitesse Aluminium Frame (including headset, frame latch, seatpost clamp, RD hanger): 2320 grams
Dahon MuEX Aluminium Frame (including frame latch, seatpost clamp, RD hanger, FD roller): 2340 grams
Wheelsport Fantasy 2.0 Mini Velo Frame (including RD hanger, seatpost clamp, headset parts): 1760 grams
Jave Freccia Carbon Mini Velo Frame (including RD hanger, seatpost clamp, seatpost cover): 1091 grams

Wheelsport Fantasy Aluminium Fork
Dahon 20" Chromoly Fork: 800 grams (Found on Speed, Boardwalk, Vitesse D7 frames)
Dahon 20" Puro U7 Aluminium Fork + Compression Bolt: 488 grams
Tern 20" Xaris Fork + Top Cap: 454 grams
Wheelsport Fantasy Aluminium Fork (with steel steerer tube): 697 grams
Wheelsport Fantasy Carbon Fork (with aluminium steerer tube): 605 grams
Java Freccia Carbon Mini Velo Fork (with carbon steerer tube): 413 grams

LitePro Headset: 72 grams
Headset for Java Freccia: 58 grams

Contact Points and Steering System
Ergon GP-3 Grips
Ergon GX-2 Magnesium Grips: 220 grams/pair (discontinued)
Ergon GR-2 Grips: 244 grams/pair
Ergon GP-3 Grips: 232 grams/pair
LitePro Foam Grips: 77 grams/pair

Shimano PD-A530 SPD Pedals
MKS FD-6 Pedals: 440 grams/pair
LitePro G017 Pedals: 220 grams/pair
Wellgo M142 Pedals: 220 grams/pair
Wellgo QRD M111 QR Pedals: 321 grams/pair
Shimano PD-M324 Pedals: 520 grams/pair
Shimano PD-A530 Pedals: 380 grams/pair
Shimano Saint PD-MX80 Pedals: 460 grams/pair
Shimano PD-T400 Clickr' Pedals: ~500 grams/pair

Selle Anatomica Watershed Leather Titanico Saddle
Biologic Aria Saddle: 380 grams
Biologic Impel Saddle: 277 grams
Bontrager Evoke RL Saddle: 230 grams
Rido LT Road Saddle: 230 grams
Selle Anatomica Watershed Leather Titanico Saddle: 479 grams
Selle Italia SLS Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle: 233 grams
Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle: 121 grams
Selle Italia SLR Titanium Saddle: 141 grams
Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Saddle: 255 grams
Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow Saddle:  273 grams
Selle Italia Q-Bik Flow Saddle: 270 grams
Fizik Aliante R3 Saddle: 225 grams
Merida Scultura 5000 Stock Saddle: 336 grams

Dahon Mu Uno Handlepost, and the Height Adjustable Handlepost
Tern Physis 3D Handlepost, 12 degree tilt, 290mm long: 710 grams
Dahon Height Adjustable Handlepost: 752 grams
Dahon Mu Uno Handlepost: 635 grams
Dahon Jetstream P8 Handlepost: 580 grams
Fnhon T-Handlepost, 31.5cm length: 521 grams
Fnhon 2 Bolt Handlepost, 31.5 cm length: 542 grams
Fnhon 4 Bolt Handlepost, 27cm length: 511 grams

Wheelsport Fantasy Folding Handlepost: 401 grams

Gold colour LitePro Stem
PRO PLT Stem, 100mm: 126 grams
Merida/Controltech Road Stem, 90mm: 125 grams
Controltech Road Stem, 80mm: 112 grams
Fizik Cyrano R1 Road Stem, 100mm: 126 grams

LitePro Stem: 100 grams
Parasol Tree Stem, 31.8mm, separate clamps: 113 grams
Parasol Tree Stem, 31.8mm, one piece construction: 72 grams
Controltech 25.4/31.8mm Stem: 96 grams

Stock Dahon handlebar and Controltech Scandium handlebar
Dahon Boardwalk Stock Flat Handlebar: 260 grams
Controltech Scandium Flat Handlebar: 130 grams
LitePro Spirit Flat Handlebar: 146 grams
LitePro Monster Flat Handlebar: 178 grams

Dahon Speed Pro TT Bullhorn Bar: 260 grams
ABR Drop Bar: 220 grams
FSA Vero Compact Drop Bar, 400mm: 305 grams
FSA Gossamer Compact Drop Bar, 420mm: 308 grams
FSA K-Force Compact Carbon Drop Bar, 400mm: 204 grams

OTA Seatpost
Dahon Boardwalk Stock Seatpost, 33.9mm: 590 grams
Biologic Zorin Post Pump, 33.9mm: 700 grams
OTA Seatpost, 33.9mm: 350 grams
Crius Seatpost, 33.9mm: 416 grams
LitePro A61 Seatpost, 33.9mm: 314 grams

Avanti Inc 3 Stock Seatpost, 31.6mm: 400 grams
Kore Seatpost, 31.6mm: 304 grams

Merida Scultura Stock Carbon Seatpost, 27.2mm, 350mm long: 266 grams
FSA SL-K ITC Zero Setback Carbon Seatpost, 27.2mm, 400mm long: 239 grams
FSA Energy Aluminium Seatpost, 27.2mm: 275 grams
Canyon S15 VCLS 2.0 Carbon Fiber Seatpost, 27.2mm, 350mm long: 236 grams

Wheelsets and QR Axles

Dahon D7 Stock 406 Wheelset
Dahon D7 Stock 406 Front Wheel: 650 grams
Dahon D7 Stock 406 Rear Wheel: 980 grams
Dahon D7 406 Wheelset Total: 1630 grams

Kinetix Comp 406 Wheelset
Kinetix Comp 406 Front Wheel: 550 grams
Kinetix Comp 406 Rear Wheel: 940 grams
Kinetix Comp 406 Wheelset Total: 1490 grams

PZ Racing 406 Wheelset
PZ Racing 406 Front Wheel: 500 grams
PZ Racing 406 Rear Wheel: 640 grams
PZ Racing 406 Wheelset Total: 1140 grams

Wheelsport Smart 1.0 406 Wheelset
Wheelsport Smart 1.0 406 Front Wheel: 452 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Wheelsport Smart 1.0 406 Rear Wheel: 692 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Wheelsport Smart 1.0 406 Wheelset Total: 1144 grams

Wheelsport Sunny 406 Front Wheel
Wheelsport Sunny 406 Front Wheel: 495 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Wheelsport Sunny 406 Rear Wheel: 709 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Wheelsport Sunny 406 Wheelset Total: 1144 grams

Wheelsport Smart 1.0 451 Wheelset
Wheelsport Smart 1.0 451 Front Wheel: 584 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Wheelsport Smart 1.0 451 Rear Wheel: 793 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Wheelsport Smart 1.0 451 Wheelset Total: 1377 grams

Custom Novatec/Chris King 406 Wheelset
Custom 406 Front Wheel (LitePro rim, Novatec A551SB front hub, 20 spokes):
494 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Custom 406 Rear Wheel (LitePro rim, Chris King R45 11 speed hub, 24 spokes):
658 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Custom 406 Wheelset Total: 1152 grams

Dahon Kinetix Pro 406 wheelset
Kinetix Pro 406 Front Wheel: 408 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Kinetix Pro 406 Rear Wheel: 590 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Kinetix Pro 406 Wheelset Total: 998 grams

Ultegra 6800 700C Front Wheel
Ultegra 6800 700C Front Wheel: 720 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Ultegra 6800 700C Rear Wheel: 940 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Ultegra 6800 700C Wheelset Total: 1660 grams

Reynolds Assault Limited Edition Disc Wheelset
Reynolds Assault 700C Disc Front Wheel: 763 grams (inclusive of rim tape)
Reynolds Assault 700C Disc Rear Wheel: 874 grams (inclusive of rim tape)

Reynolds Assault 700C Disc Wheelset Total: 1637 grams

DT Swiss R 24 Spline Disc Road 700C Front Wheel: 820 grams

TAT Titanium QR Axles
Agogo Titanium QR Axles, 74/130 mm: 43 grams
GUB Titanium QR Axles, 74/130 mm: 56 grams
Wheelsport Steel QR Axles, 74/130 mm: 112 grams
TAT Titanium QR Axles, 74/130 mm: 73 grams

Merida Comp 24 QR Axles, 100/130 mm: 119 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6800 QR Axles, 100/130 mm: 120 grams
Shimano Deore XT M8000 QR Axles, 100/135 mm: 124 grams

Tires & Inner Tubes

Schwalbe Marathon Racers on Kinetix Comp rims
Dahon D7 20" Rotolo Tires: 840 grams/pair
Schwalbe 20" 40-406 Marathon (Wire bead): 1114 grams/pair
Schwalbe 20" 40-406 Marathon Racers (Foldable): 700 grams/pair
Schwalbe 20" 35-406 Kojak (Wire bead): 580 grams/pair
Schwalbe 20" 35-406 Kojak (Foldable): 460 grams/pair
Panaracer Minits Lite 20" 23-406 (Foldable): 342 grams/pair
Schwalbe One 20" 23-451 (Foldable): 323 grams/pair
Panaracer Minits Lite 20" 28-451 (Foldable): 402 grams/pair

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 700x32C (Foldable): 750 grams/pair
Schwalbe One 700x25C (Foldable): 490 grams/pair
Continental GP4000 700x28C (Foldable): 532 grams/pair
Continental Grand Prix 4 Season 700x28C: 568 grams/pair
Continental Ultra Sport 700x23C (Foldable): 504 grams/pair

Schwalbe SV7B 20" 451 Inner Tube
Schwalbe SV7 20x1.5" tube: 148 grams
Schwalbe SV6A 20x1.25-1.5" tube: 66 grams
Schwalbe SV6 20x1.25-1.5" tube: 100 grams
Stock D7 20x1.75 tube: 120 grams
Kenda 20x1.5" tube: 140 grams
Schwalbe SV7A 20" 451 tube: 98 grams
Schwalbe SV7B 20" 451 tube: 78 grams

CST 700x18/25C Super Thin FV48mm Inner Tube: 65 grams
Schwalbe SV18 Extralight Inner Tube: 105 grams
Schwalbe SV15 60mm Valve Inner Tube: 109 grams

Shifters, Brake Levers and Brake Calipers

SRAM X9 and Shimano Deore XT Shifters
SRAM X9 9 Speed Rear Shifter: 140 grams
Shimano Deore XT 9 Speed M770 Rear Shifter: 140 grams
Shimano SL-R780 2x10 Speed Flat Handlebar Road Shifter: 274 grams/pair
Shimano XTR Di2 SW-9050 Firebolt Shifters: 128 grams/pair

Shimano Ultegra Di2 ST-6770 Shifters
Shimano Tiagra ST-4500 Road Shifter, 2x9 Speed: 500 grams/pair
Shimano 105 5700 Road Shifter, 2x10 Speed: 490 grams/pair
Shimano Ultegra Di2 ST-6770 Road Shifter: 315 grams/pair
Shimano ST-6800 2x11 Speed Mechanical Road Shifter: 425 grams/pair
Shimano ST-R785 Road Hydraulic Brake+Di2 Shifter: 504 grams/pair
Shimano ST-R9170 Road Hydraulic Brake+Di2 Shifter: 320 grams/pair
Shimano ST-RS685 Road Hydraulic Brake+Mechanical Shifter, 2x11 Speed: 644 grams/pair
Shimano ST-R9120 Road Hydraulic Brake+Mechanical Shifter, 2x11 Speed: 530 grams/pair

Avid Speed Dial 7 Brake Levers with some gold bling
Avid Speed Dial 7 Brake Levers: 170 grams/pair
Tektro RL720 Cyclocross Brake Levers: 90 grams/pair
Shimano LX Trekking BL-T670 Brake Levers: 206 grams/pair
Shimano Sora BL-3500 Brake Levers: 171 grams/pair

 Tektro R559 Brake Calipers
Avid Single Digit 7 Brake Calipers: 340 grams/pair
Tektro R559 Extra Long Reach Brake Calipers: 350 grams/pair
Shimano Deore XT Trekking BR-T780 V-Brake Calipers: 365 grams/pair
Shimano Sora BR-3500 Road Brake Calipers: 366 grams/pair
Shimano 105 5800 Road Brake Calipers: 389 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Road Brake Calipers: 341 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Road Brake Calipers: 298 grams

Rear and Front Derailleurs

Shimano Ultegra Di2 RD
Dahon Neos 1.0 RD: 220 grams
SRAM X9 9 Speed, Short Cage RD: 190 grams
Shimano Tiagra 4500, Short Cage RD: 280 grams
Shimano 105 5600, Short Cage RD: 230 grams
Shimano 105 5700, Short Cage RD: 223 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6700, Short Cage RD: 190 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6800, Short Cage RD: 197 grams
Shimano Ultegra Di2 6770 Short Cage RD: 272 grams
Shimano Ultegra Di2 6870 Short Cage RD: 256 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000, Short Cage RD: 160 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace R9150 Di2, Short Cage RD: 197 grams

Shimano Ultegra Di2 FD
LitePro FD Adaptor: 60 grams
Shimano Tiagra FD-4500, Braze On Double: 100 grams
Shimano 105 FD-5700, Braze On Double: 80 grams
Shimano Ultegra Di2 6770 FD: 167 grams
Shimano Ultegra Di2 6870 FD: 138 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Clamp Type FD: 105 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Braze On FD: 65 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace R9150 Di2, Brazed On FD: 102 grams
Shimano SLX Side-Swing Low-Clamp FD: 135 grams


Dahon Boardwalk D7 Stock Crankset (including square taper BB): 1160 grams

Shimano 105 5600 10 speed crankset, 53/39T, 170mm
Shimano 105 5600 Right Crankarm (without chainrings): 360 grams
Shimano 105 5600 Left Crankarm: 180 grams
Shimano 105 5600 Chainrings (53/39) + Chainring Bolts: 200 grams
Shimano 105 5700 BB: 90 grams
Shimano 105 5600 Crankset Total: 830 grams

Shimano 105 5700 10 speed crankset, 53/39T, 170mm
Shimano 105 5700 Right Crankarm (with chainrings): 576 grams
Shimano 105 5700 Left Crankarm: 199 grams
Shimano 105 5700 BB: 90 grams
Shimano 105 5700 Crankset Total: 865 grams

Shimano Ultegra FC-6700 Crankset, 53/39T, 170mm
Shimano Ultegra 6700 Right Crankarm (without chainrings): 350 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6700 Left Crankarm: 200 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6700 Chainrings (53/39) + Chainring bolts: 150 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6700 BB: 100 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6700 Crankset Total: 800 grams

Shimano FC-RS500 Non-Series 11 Speed Road Crankset
Shimano FC-RS500 Right Crankarm (including chainrings): 546 grams
Shimano FC-RS500 Left Crankarm: 249 grams
Shimano Tiagra 4600 BB: 90 grams
Shimano FC-RS500 Crankset Total: 885 grams

Shimano Ultegra FC-6800 Crankset, 50/34T, 170mm
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Right Crankarm (including chainrings): 480 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Left Crankarm: 197 grams
Shimano SM-BBR60 BB: 76 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6800 Crankset Total: 753 grams

Shimano Dura-Ace FC-9000 Compact Crankset, 50/34T, 170mm
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Right Crankarm (including chainrings): 440 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Left Crankarm: 176 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 BB: 67 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Crankset Total: 683 grams

Tiagra BB-4600 vs Dura-Ace BB-9000
Aerozine Ceramic BB: 100 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace SM-BB9000 Threaded: 64 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace SM-BB92 Press Fit: 55 grams
Shimano SM-BBR60 BB: 76 grams
Shimano 105 5700 BB: 90 grams
Shimano Tiagra 4600 BB: 90 grams
Shimano MTB SM-BB51 BB (including 2 spacers): 96 grams

Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 Speed Cassette, 11-28T
Shimano Tiagra 4600 10 speed cassette, 12-30T: 329 grams
Shimano 105 5700 10 speed cassette, 12-27T: 230 grams
Shimano 105 5700 10 speed cassette, 11-28T: 251 grams
Shimano 105 5800 11 speed cassette, 11-28T: 275 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 speed cassette, 11-28T: 247 grams
Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 speed cassette, 11-32T: 280 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 11 speed cassette, 11-25T: 176 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace R9000 11 speed cassette, 11-30T: ???

Driveline Aluminium Bashguard (53T): 120 grams

Shimano Dura-Ace 7901 Chain: 263 grams
Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Chain: 248 grams


Dahon Stock Kickstand: 160 grams
Pletscher Double Kickstand: 553 grams
LitePro Lightweight Kickstand: 157 grams

SKS 20" Fenders: 300 grams/set

Minoura Space Grip SGL-300: 100 grams

Polaroid XS100i Wifi Extreme Edition (excluding mount): 149 grams

Shimano Sport Camera CM-1000 (excluding mount): 86 grams

Cyclic Fly 6 Rear Camera+Rear Light (including mount): 141 grams

 Lezyne SuperDrive XL Front Light
Blaze Laser Bike Light: 169 grams
NiteRider Mako 200 Front Light: 133 grams

Busch & Muller IXON IQ Front Light: 230 grams
Lezyne PowerDrive/SuperDrive XL Front Light: 161 grams
S-Sun 1W Front Light + Mount (including batteries): 110 grams

D-Light USB Rechargeable Front or Rear Light: 25 grams
Topeak RedLite Aero Rear Light: 33 grams
BBB Signal LED Rear Light: 32 grams
SMART 0.5W Rear Light (including batteries): 55 grams

Dahon Luggage Truss: 200 grams
Dahon Tour Bag: 900 grams
Biologic Arclite Rack: 540 grams
Racktime Rear Rack for 700C Bikes (on Avanti Inc 3: 700 grams

SagaRider Rear Seatpost Bag: 870 grams

Ortlieb Front Roller Classic: 790 grams each, including shoulder strap

Topeak Aero Wedge Pack Saddle Bag, Large: 180 grams
Topeak Weatherproof Dynawedge Saddle Bag: 46 grams

Lezyne Micro Floor Drive: 170 grams
Lezyne Pressure Drive, Small (including mounting bracket): 103 grams
Lezyne Pressure Drive, Medium (including mounting bracket): 116 grams
Lezyne CO2 Trigger Drive + 16 gram cartridge: 83 grams

Topeak Mini 9 Multi Tool: 92 grams
Topeak Universal Chain Tool: 81 grams

Merida Aluminium Bottle Cage: 25 grams
Elite Custom Race PA+GF Bottle Cage: 42 grams
Filled 500ml Water Bottle: 600-700 grams

Have you identified your next upgrade? Surprised at how much your current component weighs? You may be a weight weenie after all!


  1. awesome entry as usual! BTW, Matt uses the same wheelsport rim/hub and had a failure on the freewheel.

  2. The wheelset that Matt is using on his MuSL is Powerway. don't think there is anything wrong with the design, probably just high mileage, high power cycling and zero maintenance that caused the freehub failure.

    In any case, I did clean out the regrease my wheelsport wheelset when I first got it, and in light of what happened to Matt's rear hub, I shall overhaul the freehub every 6 months.

  3. Steve, can you tell me where did you get that weatherbeater like mudguards?

  4. Hi Steve, I am planning to upgrade my 20" wheelset of my stepdragon spa3 minivelo to a better one with faster rolling hubs. Any suggestions? Where do you buy the kinetic comp wheels?


  5. note that stepdragon minivelos may need 100mm width front hubs (which is the standard) instead of the narrower 74mm front hubs mainly used by Dahon. the kinetix comp wheels have 74mm front hubs.

    you can check out MyBikeShop, they do have standard 100mm/130mm 20" wheelsets, of Tyrell and other brands.

    1. What's the price range like?

    2. for Tyrell wheels, you will be looking at $400 at above

  6. Hi, i picked up cycling 4-5mths ago and i've been riding a tern x10 for the last 2 months. Could u help me with 2 qns?
    1) Do u have or plan to do a similar weight breakdown for tern X10's parts? I couldn't find information anywhere and I don't have the proficiency to dismantle my bike
    2) Is there a way to build a 7.5kg+ foldable (exclude pedals, grip and saddle since i wun compromise on those) for under 3k (or upgrade 1k from the x10).
    any advice would be appreciated as I don't know where to start.

    1. I can do a weight breakdown for the Verge X10... If someone gives me an X10 to take apart. Some parts such as the Kinetix Pro wheels already have their weight listed in this post.

      As for a Tern folding bike weighing below 8kg, it is possible, but it will cost more than 3k. Even the stock X10 with some lightweight components is already 9kg, and cost close to 3k. You may be able to further cut weight by changing the crankset and some parts to carbon, but it will not be cheap.

    2. Hi, sorry for the late reply. i lost track of where i posted this in ur blog (only bookmarked ur main blog).

      taking apart an X10: I have an X10. I'm tempted to let u take apart as u seemed equiped to be able to put it back. let me consider first!

      yeah, i have dreaming of a ultra lightweight and compact sub 8kg foldy for some time. i actually prefer those P9 handlebar that can swivel for folding for more compactness.
      i have been thinking of starting with a cheaper bike frame and upgrading the parts myself. but i'm not sure which frame to start with and what parts to put in... hence i'm asking here.

    3. I'm actually working on a new bike project that attempts to build an affordable, high performance, lightweight bike. Target weight is less than 9.5kg and cost of less than 2k. Should be completed in maybe a few weeks time so do check back once in a while.

    4. Hi, which frame are u starting with?

      Regarding "I can do a weight breakdown for the Verge X10... If someone gives me an X10 to take apart." Are you keen to do that? I'm interested to know and you can use mine.

    5. haha the keyword is "give".

  7. Hi Steve,

    I am contemplating between getting a Verge X10 vs the latest Tern P20, and then upgrade the wheelset to Wheelsports Super 451. My requirements is to be able to "try" to keep up with some of my friends who are on road bikes if we go cycle together. Which one should be better choice? Thanks.

    1. No matter how you upgrade a folding bike, it will never be as fast as a road bike, given the same rider on both bikes.

      My choice would be to get a Tern P20, and upgrade it to have exactly the components that you want. You can put all the top end components to save weight and improve performance, and it may still be cheaper than the X20.

  8. the other option is to just go with Eclipse X20 and do not have to worry about upgrades ?

    1. The Eclipse X20 is a different type of bike, with 24 inch wheels instead of 20 inch wheels. That puts it in a separate category, so can't compare with it.

      However, the bigger wheel size does bring it closer to a full sized road bike, so it will probably be able to achieve a higher speed compared to a 20 inch bike, given the same rider on both bikes.

    2. u mean verge X20?
      well, it's possible, but i believe the X20 is actually 9.3kg, only 0.4kg lighter for more than 1k more. I could easily shave that 0.4kg via seatpost and handlebar changes.

      I'm not sure how much weight could be shaved with a crankset/BB replacement as I'm not familiar with those parts.

  9. Hi Steve, I have a junction 1808 bike(8spd), I think its made by tern. I would like your advice, should I change the wheelset (saw a pair of used kinetix comp going for $120) or just change the hubs to novatec? current wheels doesn't freewheel much after I stopped pedalling. kinda tiring. or just splurge some money and get a litepro or wheelsport wheelset? thank you.

    1. Just get a wheelsport wheelset. Else after you get the kinetix comp you will still think about the wheelsport.

  10. Hi Steve, between a Wheelsport Super 451 vs Machete V Syuc 451, which is better? How do we test smoothness before we buy? Machete claims to be smoother than Wheelsport but it's heavy at 1.54kg. My current Dahon Pro 406 wheels is only about 1kg if I'm not wrong. Is the weight penalty worth it for the increase in wheel size for top speed?

    1. The only way to test smoothness is to spin the wheels, but even this does not indicate how well it performs under load during actual cycling conditions.

      The Dahon Kinetix pro wheels are very smooth, you can't get the wheels spinning smoother than that. The Machete has a high profile which might be advantageous at speeds above 30km/h, but will suffer in acceleration due to the weight.
      Weight increase at the wheels are very bad for cycling efficiency. You are much better off sticking to the Kinetix Pro for lightweight, or Wheelsport if you are going for the 451 trend. The Machete is good mainly to see.

  11. Thanks Steve. Am I correct to say that for the 451 wheels,the heavier weight on rotating mass is bad for cycling efficiency, so end up I may not get a higher speed as compared to my current smooth and lightweight 406 wheels?

    1. A heavier wheel will suffer during acceleration,but may be able to maintain the rolling momentum better once up to speed. My opinion is that there would not be much speed difference no matter which wheelset you choose between these two.

  12. Wheelsport Super451 vs Smart451 which would be a better choice to use for speed. For weight 95kg would this two wheels hold up.

    1. I am not sure what is the difference between those 2 wheelsets, you can ask for more info at the bike shop. There should not be a problem with the weight limit as wheelsport wheels are pretty durable.

  13. I wish the list could include all dahon stock parts so to figure out where it is the most significant change. For example, what is the weight of dahon's stock pedals?

    1. I don't really have any stock Dahon parts left so I can't give you an answer. However most cheap pedals with would weigh more than 400 grams.

  14. Hi Steve,
    I understand you ordered some of the stuff from Tao Bao. I'm looking at buying Litepro components for Tern Link D16 and Link P9. How to identify which is original or fake?

    1. If you get them from Litepro.taobao.com, they should be original.

  15. Hi Steve, I found your page very useful and I would like to contribute the weight of some stock items.

    Dahon stock Suntour pedals 599g
    Dahon Landing Gear with 2 bolts and washers 199g.

    For me changing out the subpar pedals and removing the landing gears saved almost 500g

    If you can publish these, that will help other bikers out there

    Let me know if you want me to send you the photos of those items on a weighing scale


  16. Hi Steve

    I have just bought a 2005 Dahon Helios P8 and am trying to bring down the already low weight (11.8kg with rear rack etc) while upgrading to a 1 x 10 speed as I need a 36 low gear for lightweight touring (Zee RD with Saint shifter). I know the SL version of the Helios weighs in the real world (with pedals etc) at just under 9kg so I am hoping to get to under 10kg. I expect the key components to change are the wheels, crankset and front fork (steel to al or carbon). WHat would you suggest?



    1. Main areas to save weight would be the wheels, tires, crankset, seatpost and handlepost.

  17. Hi Steve,

    Is the Tern 20" Xaris Fork compatible with Dahon Vitesse D7 frame.

    thank you.


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