Wednesday, September 5, 2012

X Light 4 LED Safety Light Review

New lights for night cycling! I already have quite a number of lights on my bike already, which you can read about here.

Bicycle Lights for Night Riding
New Bar End Lights for Drop Bars

This time, I will be installing lights on my helmet. During a recent visit to Changi Village, I came across this particular light which works very well on helmets. My helmet has a Infini brand helmet light, but it is not working well as the switch has gone wonky.

I shall cut the long story short and introduce the light to you.

Nice packaging at a good price

All the different ways of mounting the light!

Some product info

All the velcro straps and clips for mounting the light to your bike or other places. Very well thought out.

Close up view of the light. 2 white and 2 red LEDs. All 4 LEDs point in 4 different directions.

Button at the rear of the light. Rather small and a bit fiddly.

I initially bought only 1 light, and planned to mount it right on top of the helmet, so that the white LED shines forward and the red LED shines rearwards. The other 2 white and red LEDs will then shine upwards (no purpose there).

However, mounting on the top is not ideal for me as the helmet shape means that the light is not projected horizontally forward or backwards. The light that shines upwards is also wasted. Then, I tried experimenting with other mounting positions, and found that when it is mounted on the side, all the 4 LEDs will be put to use effectively, as you will see from the pictures below. Thus I went to get a few more lights, 2 lights for each helmet.

 Lights mounted on the left and right side of the helmet

Side View. When worn on the head, the light will be parallel to the ground.

Front View

Rear View

Velcro mounting of the lights. I used my own velcro strip as it is more suitable.

 Rear View with the lights turned on. The LEDs are surprisingly bright!

Side View. Great side visibility!

Front View. It is actually bright enough to act as a head lamp if the object in front is close enough.

Actual brightness at night. 

Great all round visibility!

What is great about this light, when used as a pair of helmet lights, is that it gives all round visibility. For only $20, you get front lights, rear lights and side lights at the same time. This should not be your main lights, as the blinkers may be too small, but it is a great complement to your bike lights.

The lights are quite lightweight, I don't feel any additional weight on my head when I install them on the helmet.

With these lights, I have many lights to use when I cycle at night. For front lights, I have 1 S-Sun blinker, 1 B&M IXON IQ head light, and 2 white helmet lights. As for the rear, I have 1 Bontrager Flare rear light, 1 blue light, 2 bar end lights and 2 helmet lights. The helmet lights also provide 4 side lights, 2 on each side.

Too many lights? Maybe, but I would prefer to have more lights and make myself highly visible when I ride at night. I am not using powerful lights that blind other people, so it should be OK. What I have are mainly blinkers that let other people know that I am there. No excuse for not spotting me at night!


  1. This is a pretty cool helmet and it looks nice. very useful especially at night.

  2. how can I get these in USA?