Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Geeego Swap Colour Bicycle Light

Recently came across this pretty interesting bicycle light. What is so special about this light is that you can swap between white and red coloured light easily, just by rotating the red plastic piece on top.

Simple packaging

Uses 2 X CR2032 batteries. The LEDs are very bright for its size!

Comes with 2 silicone straps so that you can mount the light anywhere you like.

This is the white light mode. To turn it on/off or switch modes, press the black button in the middle.

By rotating the red plastic piece so that it covers the LEDs, it becomes a red light.

I find that its small size and its ability to switch between white and red coloured lights means that it is very useful as a spare light. If your front or rear light runs out of battery, just use this as a replacement until you get home.

For me, I strapped it around my rear rack, but it will not be switched on normally. In case either my main front or rear light is low on power, I will then use this light as an emergency light if needed. Probably not a good idea to chuck it in a bag as the exposed switch may be pressed accidentally. As it is so small and lightweight, just strap it anywhere on the bike until it is required.


  1. Hi there, I have a Tern Verge S11i which I have already upgraded but whilst it now has XT V brakes I was wondering how viable it is to swap these for long drop calliper brakes from a road bike? On face value it looks viable? Regards Stew

    1. It should be possible. Can use Tektro R559. Best to pair with road brake levers. But how are you going to pair with road shifters, when there are no mechanical road shifters for Alfine 11?

  2. I assume that means that they wouldn't work with the existing levers?

    1. The only reason to change to caliper brakes is if you are using road shifters with integrated brake levers. Changing to caliper brakes while using your current brake levers will not give you any advantage in braking power.