Monday, October 10, 2011

Rolling the Dahon Boardwalk TT around with ease!

I recently changed my kickstand to the Pletscher double kickstand, and I am very pleased with it so far! Read about the upgrade HERE.

Although it is rather heavy compared to my previous kickstand, it is extremely stable, which makes it excellent when I load my bike up with more stuff, because the bike will not topple. Previously it can be difficult to balance the loaded bike on the single-legged kickstand.

But stability when carrying heavy loads is not the main reason for changing the kickstand! The main reason I changed the kickstand is so that I can roll my Dahon Boardwalk TT around with ease, instead of carrying it around. This is particularly useful especially in MRT stations.

Before I had this Pletscher kickstand, when I take the MRT with my bike, I will have to fold it up at least partially, by putting the seatpost down to stabilise the bike. At this point it is still possible to pull the bike around on its wheels, but it is hard to balance and the base of the seatpost will scrape on the ground whenever you rest the bike.

I know that some people are able to roll their Dahons around even when folded, but it can be tricky especially if the wheels are not parallel to each other. This causes the bike to come apart frequently as the magnet is not strong enough to hold the two halves together. Which I why before I had the Pletscher kickstand, I ended up carrying the bike around as it was faster than attempting to roll it around.

Bike in the unfolded state
To fold the bike so that it can be rolled around, I only need ONE step! Yes only one step, very easy. Just loosen the frame clamp and fold it in half, that's all!

 Tall but narrow, doesn't take up more space than a person!

From this folded state, just lift the bike up slightly by the nose of the saddle, and drag the bike along with you! It is very comfortable because the saddle is at a good height to hold, and you can put down the bike anytime on the rubber shoes of the kickstand and not damage the base of the seatpost.
Also, when pulling the bike along this way, the bike rolls along on the front wheel only, the rear wheel does not touch the ground. This allows the bike to be rolled forward or backwards with no problem.

 If desired, you can lower the height by folding down the handlepost. 
Still can drag around easily by holding the saddle.

Points of contact with the ground: Rear wheel, front wheel and one side of the kickstand.

 Can lower the height even more if you put down the seatpost!

 However, this makes the folded package very wide with my bullhorn bars. 
No problem with flat handlebars though.

Not sure how I folded the bike with the handlebars outside? Check it out HERE.
The best part about using the kickstand as one of the points of contact with the ground is that I don't need to adjust my handlepost or seatpost! Forget about fiddling with the height of the seatpost or handlepost after unfolding. Just tighten the frame clamp and you are good to go!
From this...

to this in 3 seconds flat!


  1. Hey steve where to buy that pletscher stand and how much does it cost?

  2. Hi I got it from The pricing is shown on the website, and you will need to add shipping also. (to be quoted separately after you place your order)

  3. : Hi, why don't you rotate the bullhorn upwards before lowering your stem, since your Dahon has a QR on the handlebar stem? That way you probably could fold it the normal way and still achieve the same compactness of a flat bar? Please advise, as I am thinking of switching to a bullhorn without compromising the fold compactness.

    1. Rotating the bullhorn upwards may not be possible as the cables are not long enough. And there may be a chance that the bullhorns may touch the ground, depending on how tall the handlepost is.

  4. Can this stand be used on a Dahon Speed and Vitesse, and still achieve the rolling like your Boardwalk?