Friday, October 28, 2011

Journey of the Boardwalk: Part 15 - Gold Ultegra RD and more!

More gold bling for my Boardwalk TT! This time I re-installed the Ultegra RD with gold bling, which was previously on my bike before I experimented with using the SRAM shifting system.

Unique Ultegra 6700 RD Short Cage, Gold Version, possibly the only one in the world?

The gold parts on this Ultegra RD are:
1) B-Axle (the bolt that fixes to the RD hanger)
2) Cable fixing bolt
3) Tension and guide pulleys
4) Pulley bolt

By the way, these are very nice Token pulleys with sealed bearings, which run very very smoothly compared to the usual pulleys. However, because they are made of metal instead of plastic, they tend to be noisier in certain gears.

Previous photo of my Gold Ultegra RD (taken during the end of year 2010)

Great picture of the gold stuff on my bike, taken last year when I was still using PZ Racing wheels. Picture courtesy of Taiwoon!

 New picture of the gold Ultegra RD! Difference from previous installation is the wheelset, cassette and the cable housing.

 Overall look of the rear drivetrain, with the gold Ultegra RD.
Another gold bling I got for my bike are these nice brake pad holders for caliper brakes! I had previously got gold brake pad holders from Taiwan, but those were for V-brakes. I happened to come across these at a local bike shop, and I simply had to get it!

Gold brake pad holders for caliper brakes!
 Gold brake pad holders with Kool Stop Dual Compound brake pads.

 A view of the entire drivetrain, with gold bling sprinkled all over!


  1. Hi steve can check where did u get those token coloured rd pulley?

    1. Cannot really remember...but online or MBS may have.


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