Thursday, December 27, 2012

LCSG Taiwan Cycling 2012: Day 4

During Day 3 of our Taiwan cycling trip, we tackled strong winds and slopes while cycling at the southern tip of Taiwan. Today, in Day 4 of our trip, we will be riding northwards along the eastern coast of Taiwan.

We stayed at a hot spring hotel the night before, and it was a pretty comfortable place. Due to the lack of space in our hotel rooms, we were asked to park our bikes at the hotel lobby. An area was cordoned off for us to park our bikes. It is a great feeling when the hotel staff is so accommodating to bikes, with no questions asked when the bikes are wheeled around the lobby.

As shown below, our cycling route for Day 4.

A planned 50 km ride on Day 4

The day started really well. The weather was fantastic, with the sun already shining bright early in the morning. Air was cool and fresh. Not too much wind and so windbreakers were not required.

Where we stayed at on the third night

George Kee pumping up the tires for more speed?

 Ejin also doing the same, cannot lose out!

Great scenery near our hotel

Stopping at the petrol station after about 12 km for a short break

Clean public washroom at the petrol station that requires you to remove your shoes

Taking photos of the signs and the rich blue sky

Some shadow play

Turning off the main road onto the pathway towards the coast

The coast guard outpost that is super friendly. Free to enter, with surprisingly complete facilities and even a bike repair tool kit. Read more about it on Taiwoon's blog.

The little windmill and the magnificent coastline behind the coast guard building

Nicely paved cycling path along the coast line, with a wooden boardwalk for people on foot

Siew Wan with the black dog that followed us a long long way. I think it joined us just before we reached the petrol station. This is one fit dog!

We found this frame that looks like the National Geographic landmark, only that it is orange instead of yellow. Everyone took photos there!

Super solo shot of the Vitesse

Riding through the greenery on the cycling path. The black dog is still with us!

Close up view of me on my Boardwalk

Superb view of a reservoir we saw along the way

Cycling along happily on the bike lane. George Kee on his KHS F20-R zooming past.

The famous bag, now in XXXXXL size! Fits 1 x Brompton.

Encik George charging ahead of everyone else. By this time it was past noon and we were all hungry!

More beautiful scenery along Taiwan's eastern coastline

What we have been pedaling for: Hot delicious 包子!

东河包子 as our lunch

Cheap and good food

As  东河包子 is our cycling end point for today, we took a van from 台东 to 花莲, passing through this 玉长隧道.

At our next hotel. It has a super duper complete tool kit for bikes! Quite amazing...

Dinner food pictures below...


This strange looking food tastes surprisingly good! It is actually quite similar to soursop, but it does not have any sour taste at all. Very nice, but difficult to find in Singapore as it spoils easily and is thus difficult to export to Singapore.

At the end of the day, we covered about 60 km, more than the planned route as we took some detours to check out interested places. A comparatively more relaxed day as there were less slopes and wind compared to the previous day at Kenting.

Taiwoon's account of Day 4 here.

Day 5 here

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