Saturday, November 9, 2013

NiteRider Solas 2 Watt USB Tail Light

With a new bike, we need new lights! After getting the Avanti Inc 3 recently, I needed to get some new lights to fit on the bike. This gave me the chance to check out some of the latest lights which are always advertised to be brighter and cheaper.

At Hup Leong, I came across this Solas 2 Watt rear light. As introduced to me by a few other cyclists, this light is super bright, as evident by the use of a 2 watt LED. I also like the USB charging option which avoids the problem of discarding used batteries.

NiteRider Solas 2 Watt USB Rear Light

Battery indicator function, which will be further described below.

I use the first flash mode, which can last 18 hrs. If I commute to work 3 times a week on the Avanti, taking 2 hours each day (2 way), this light can last 3 weeks, which is pretty sufficient.

The mounting clamps and the Micro USB charging cable.

Clip at the rear of the light can be mounted onto the supplied bracket, or clipped onto the saddle bag.

ON button located at the top of the light. Press to cycle through the OFF mode +  the 4 flashing/ steady modes.

USB charging port at the bottom of the light, sealed by a snug fitting rubber plug. It should be quite rain resistant as the plug fits tightly, and is located at the bottom of the light.

Bright LED! A picture or video will not show how bright it is, you need to see the actual light to appreciate its brightness. No excuse for anyone behind not to see me!

The LED with an advanced-looking lens that focuses the light tightly.

When turning the light off, the red or blue LED will blink for 10 seconds. A blue LED means that >25% of the battery capacity remains, while a blinking red LED means that the battery level is <25% and should be charged soon.

The weight of the light alone if anyone is interested.

 The light clipped onto the rear of the saddle bag. I tried to mount the rear light onto the rack itself, but could not find a suitable mounting spot even with L-shaped brackets and other accessories.

This rear light is really bright, and the battery life is quite good. So far it has been working well with no problem so far. Riding in light rain is no problem, and in heavier rain I would probably be taking shelter somewhere. Therefore I think water intrusion should not be an issue for me.

As the LED is really bright, this light is suitable for daytime use, as it can still be seen even in the day. If you only plan to use the rear light at night, then a less powerful rear light will probably be sufficient.

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