Saturday, August 16, 2014

Selle Italia SLS Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle Review

It has been quite some time since I last blogged! The previous post was actually 4 months ago, so it has been quite a while.

During this 4 months, I have been testing out a new saddle on my Dahon Boardwalk. A saddle review is only accurate and indicative if it has been used on long rides and over some time. Testing a saddle for 10 minutes will not give you a good idea of how it will feel.

Previously, I was using the Bontrager Evoke RL saddle which is actually a very good saddle. It is lightweight but still has sufficient padding to feel comfortable. However, I have noticed that in recent months, the sides of the saddle have started to wear out and peel. Although the saddle is still working fine, I decided to try a new saddle.

The Bontrager Evoke RL saddle. The coating at the side of the saddle has started to peel off.

With a wide range of saddle choices available, it is difficult to select a saddle. Also, even if you get the saddle at the shop, it is hard to say if it will be suitable, as pressing on the saddle with the fingers can only indicate if there is padding or not. It will not let you know if your butt will feel comfortable on it.

In the end, I decided to just get a saddle online. Selle Italia is a familiar saddle brand to most cyclists, as they make many different models of saddles and can be found online relatively easily.

After reading some reviews, I decided to get a saddle that is lightweight and yet has some comfort. The Sella Italia SLS KIT Carbonio Flow saddle seems to fit that criteria. It is also not too expensive at about SGD 80.

The new saddle! Official weight is 210 grams. 

The actual weight is slightly heavier at 219 grams. Not a problem as it is still lighter than the previous Bontrager Evoke RL saddle. 

Saddle looks pretty sleek and sporty.

Great side profile and flat top means that it is easy to find a comfortable position. It also says Handmade in Italy which is nice.

 Edges of saddle cover are nicely wrapped underneath the plastic shell. No ugly staplers or excess glue that is seen on cheaper saddles.

Relatively large cutout in the middle helps to alleviate pressure at sensitive regions. Shape also looks comfortable.

Comparing the Bontrager Evoke RL saddle with the new Selle Italia saddle. Quite similar in shape.

Due to the tilt angle required, there is quite a bit of the bolt sticking upwards. But it seems to be OK and does not protrude above the cutout.

View of the new saddle mounted on the seatpost!

Start with an angle that is tilted down slightly. To adjust if required.

I have since tested this saddle for about 4 months, and it has been great! The best compliment that you can give a saddle is that you forgot that you are reviewing it. This means that the saddle is not giving you any discomfort or problem. After 4 months, I have not needed to even adjust the saddle. It felt right all the time. There are no pressure points, even when riding long distances. No numbness, which I believe is a result of the centre cutout.

I would recommend this saddle for those who are looking for a lightweight yet comfortable saddle. Note that this may not fit everyone due to the unique shape of every butt, but this may be a good saddle to start trying.


  1. Nice review thanks.
    Where can I get it?