Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spurcycle Bicycle Bell

During my recent trip to San Francisco, I cycled from Fisherman's Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge. Along the way, I came across a nice bike shop named Roaring Mouse Cycles. While in the bike shop, I found some goodies.

 Shimano Road ST-RS685 Hydraulic Disc Brakes with Mechanical Shifters

The view of ST-RS685 from the front. Amazingly, the size of the mechanical shifter with hydraulic reservoir is quite compact.

Anyway, I also came across the expensive but great sounding bell, the Spurcycle Bicycle Bell. It is more of a nicely crafted artifact than a mass produced bell, as can be seen from the background behind it and how it is being produced.

Spurcycle Production Video

I really loved the sound of the bell, and so, despite the price and the fact that I already have too many bells, I decided to get a Spurcycle bell for myself.

Comes in a retro form of packaging, a cardboard box with hot-stamped gold printing.

It claims to suit any type of bike, including road bikes

Made in USA bicycle bell, a real rarity nowadays

Upon opening the box, we see the bell and 2 metal bands of different lengths

Installation instructions are printed on the inside of the box. As stated, choose the metal band that suits the size of your handlebar.

That's all that is in the packaging. Clean and simple just like the product itself.

Black metal dome with a brass knocker for the unique sound

2 rubber pads at the bottom for secure resting on the handlebars

For the weight weenies, here is the weight of the bell plus the long metal band. At 44 grams, it is about the weight of a small light.

To install the bell, slot the metal band into both sides of the bell, and tighten the bolt at the top of the bell. This will pull the metal band into the bell, and tighten the metal band around the handlebar.

As shown here, use a Allen key to tighten the bolt on top of the bell. I decided to install this bell onto my Merida Scultura 5000 road bike.

Managed to squeeze in this bell alongside the Shimano Sport Camera and Cateye Strada Digital Wireless cycle computer. It is getting crowded here!

The bell is installed facing forward for easy activation of the bell lever by the thumb. The compact size and simple design allows it to blend in nicely on the road bike drop bar.

As for the sound, you can check out the video below created by other users. The ring is very loud and clear, and very long lasting. It also feels more polite and high class than the cheap and rude ring-ring-ring bells seen and heard on many market bikes.

Actual sound of the Spurcycle Bell

I really like the bell, and if not for the fact that it is expensive, I will get more of the bells and install them on my other bikes. The compact size and simple design really allows it to suit any type of bike.


  1. Hands down on Shimano cam!
    I've seen some ppl installed the bell ( different type and brands ) near the drop bar. Do you know where to find a bell like that?



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