Monday, March 21, 2016

Wheelsport Ultegra 2x11 Speed: Part 10 - Ultegra 6800 Mechanical

The Wheelsport Fantasy 2x11 speed mini velo that I have is currently using the Ultegra 6870 2x11 speed Di2 groupset, which was inherited from the Dahon Boardwalk folding bike that I had previously. On the other hand, the Merida Scultura 5000 road bike is using the Ultegra 6800 2x11 speed mechanical groupset.

My plan is to swap the groupsets for these two bikes, so that the Di2 groupset goes onto the road bike, while the mechanical groupset goes onto the mini velo. I started with disassembling the mechanical Ultegra 6800 road shifters from the road bike. The Ultegra rear derailleur was already removed from the road bike previously, while the front derailleur was exchanged from a band type to a brazed on type.

With the Ultegra 6800 shifters, RD and FD ready, the building process for the mini velo can begin! First, the Di2 components were taken off the mini velo and put to one side. These Di2 components will be installed onto the Merida road bike later on.

Since the Wheelsport Fantasy mini velo is already using the Ultegra 6800 crankset, and an 11 speed cassette, it is actually not too difficult to disassemble and assemble the bike since it is already half done.

Started by removing the Di2 components from the mini velo 

Reinstalling the parts that are required for mechanical shifting. The cable guide that goes under the bottom bracket, and the cable adjust bolts for adjusting the cable tension for the shifter cables.

Cable guide goes under the bottom bracket...

...while the cable adjust bolts go onto the outer casing stoppers that are located under the downtube

New polymer coated shifter inner cables and outer casing for smooth and light shifting

Ultegra 6800 2x11 speed mechanical shifters from the Merida road bike!

Ultegra 6800 11 speed short cage RD also from the Merida road bike

Ultegra 6800 front derailleur installed onto the custom FD mount for best performance

Road shifters installed, bar tape wrapped!

Full Ultegra 6800 drivetrain (with Dura-Ace cassette and chain)

View of the full bike! Ultegra 6800 groupset looks really good on this mini velo

The hand pump and the tool bottle mounting was rearranged as the Di2 batter mount has also been removed

Simple graphical guide for trimming the front derailleur with the new road shifters

Yet another project has been completed! The Wheelsport Fantasy mini velo has been successfully converted from Ultegra 6870 Di2 to Ultegra 6800 mechanical shifting. It still rides and shifts beautifully, especially with this lightweight build. In fact, it rides better and faster than the Dahon Boardwalk folding bike that I previously had as this mini velo frame is much more rigid and does not flex when pushing the bike hard.

Finally, the full specifications and weight of this bike! Lightweight at less than 7.8 kg without pedals.


  1. Hi Steve,
    I hv 5800 105 groupset. Curious on how to work the low & top trim. Could you advise step by step? Thx!

    1. 1) Press the release lever (black plastic) multiple times to change gear to Low Trim.
      2a) From Low Trim, pushing slightly on the main lever (aluminium lever) will put it in Low gear.
      2b) From Low Trim, pushing fully on the main lever will put it in Top gear.
      3) From Low, pushing the main lever all the way will change the gear to Top.
      4a) From Top, pushing the release lever slightly will drop the gear to Top Trim.
      4b) From Top, if you push the release lever all the way, it will drop to Low.
      6) From Low, pushing the release lever will drop it all the way to Low Trim.

  2. Nice work. Bro I am setting up something similar. And I face a prob then the front derailuer. I saw your mounting. Anyway to know how you customized?

    1. You can find adapters by Ridea to adjust the FD position.


  3. Nice work. Bro I am setting up something similar. And I face a prob then the front derailuer. I saw your mounting. Anyway to know how you customized?