Thursday, August 9, 2018

Canyon Endurace: XTR Trail SPD Pedals PD-M9020

I have been using the A530 pedals for many years. It is a versatile pair of pedals, as it has SPD on one side and a flat platform on the other side. This is very useful as it allows me to ride both in my SPD shoes or in my slippers. Very useful on my multi purpose bikes as I sometimes do take it on short rides where I am not in my cycling gear.

However, I realized that ever since I got my Canyon Endurace road bike, I only ride it on the road, and it is always with my SPD cycling shoes. On shorter rides, I will just use another bike, such as the Dahon MuEX or the Brompton M6R.

In this case, I don't need the flat pedal side on the Canyon road bike. To improve the chances of clipping in from 50% to 100%, I decided to change to a pair of pedals that has dual sided SPD, so that I don't need to flip the pedal to the correct side before clipping in.

I am not a fan of road SPD-SL pedals as I cannot walk properly in those shoes. I already find it slippery to walk on normal SPD shoes on tiled floors, walking in road SPD-SL shoes will make it even more dangerous. That is why I prefer to use the MTB type of SPD shoes and pedals.

MTB dual sided SPD pedals are quite common, now I just need to choose the one which I like. I was deciding between the Deore XT and the XTR pedals, but decided to get the XTR just because it looked nicer. Of course, it is more expensive, but the difference is not that great.

XTR Trail pedals, PD-M9020.

These pedals have a pedal body around the SPD mechanism, to make it easier to find the pedal and to have a more stable pedaling surface.

Weighs 372 grams for the pair, which is just slightly lighter than the 380 grams of the A530 pedals. Quite good considering that it now has two sides of the heavy SPD mechanism instead of just one side.

The stamped metal surface apparently has a Teflon coating on it, to minimize mud build up and to assure smooth clipping in and out. The colour is a bit different from standard SPD mechanisms.

Slim spindle body for lightweight and sleek appearance.

Aluminium pedal body with the XTR logo visible from the side.

Machined pedal surface to mate precisely to your shoes for a stable pedaling platform.

Comparing the size of the A530 pedals on top with the new XTR pedals below. The XTR pedals look much more lightweight!

Comparing the width, the XTR pedals are narrower, with a more premium looking spindle.

The pedal body on the XTR pedals are slightly longer than the A530 pedals.

Due to the dual sided SPD mechanism, the XTR pedals are thicker. However, the actual platform height (distance from SPD mechanism to centre of spindle) is lower on the XTR pedals.

Comparing the side profile

Model number is laser marked on the XTR pedals, and cast out on the A530 pedals.

Finally, installed on the Dura-Ace R9100 cranks!

Dura-Ace with XTR, not a common combination.

As seen on the Canyon Endurace!

The new pedals clip in and out so smoothly and crisply, while the dual sided SPD mechanism means that I don't need to flip the pedal to the correct side before clipping in. Works really well and looks really good!


  1. Hi

    Have you also the Shimano XTR M9000 Race SPD Clipless MTB Pedals?


  2. Hi,

    Have you also consider the xtr
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  3. Hi,

    Have you consider the XTR race version
    "Shimano XTR M9000 Race SPD Clipless MTB Pedals"
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