Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Topeak Accessories!

Bought some new accessories for my bike!

1) Topeak iPhone Dry Bag

This was originally bought for another iPhone, but I found it so good that I went out to get another one for my HTC Desire! Of course, I tried the sizing before buying it for my HTC phone. Some of the advantages over some other iPhone mounts is that it is waterproof, courtesy of a double folded opening and ultrasonic welded seams. Although I wouldn't try dunking it in water, it should keep the rain out with no problem. Also, there is no need to remove the protective casing to fit the phone into the pouch.

The Topeak QuickClick system also makes it very convenient to remove the pouch and bring it with me when needed. If you have more than one bike, you can just buy additional mounts and switch the pouch among the bikes. Note the additional blue strap which I added, that serves as a safety belt for the phone pouch in case it decides to jump off the bike!

More details at the link below! If you want to try the sizing for your phone, look for me during the rides!

Topeak iPhone Dry Bag

2) Topeak CageMount

I got this because it enables me to separate the mount from the bottle cage when not in use. This is to allow folding when the second bottle cage is not required. This mount is also much more secure than the clamp on + quick release type.

From the picture on the website, Topeak CageMount, you can see that the mount splits into two parts, one part is fixed to the bike while the other is fixed to the bottle cage. By removing a bolt from the side, the 2 parts can be separated easily.

The part that stays on the bike when the bottle cage is removed.

I have since modified the bolt to be tool-free, by adding a wing nut so that I can install/remove the bolt by hand.

Just turn the wing nut instead of using an allen wrench to turn the bolt.

Both the phone pouch and bottle cage fits on the handlepost without interfering with each other.


  1. will this affect the folding?

  2. I will remove the pouch and bottle cage when folding. the pouch goes in my saddle bag while the bottle cage goes in my Dahon tour bag.

  3. u sprayed the handle bar and seat post black?

  4. Hi Steve, where to get the wing nut?

    1. Last time I bought it at Daiso, but I don't think they have it anymore. You can find it at hardware stores that sell nuts and bolts.