Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dahon Boardwalk D7 vs Boardwalk Ultegra Di2: Component Specifications

After all the upgrades, my Boardwalk has been totally transformed from the stock Boardwalk D7 to the current Boardwalk Ultegra Di2. Only the frame remains, all other components have been changed! In this post, I will just list out the components for my Boardwalk Ultegra Di2, and compare it to the stock Boardwalk D7.

My only picture of the stock Boardwalk D7 showing the complete bike!

The latest picture showing the Boardwalk Ultegra Di2

 Click on the table above to see a larger version!

The table above shows the specifications of the Boardwalk D7 and my Boardwalk Ultegra Di2. Very different! For comparison's sake, the approximate weight change from each component upgrade has also been listed.

Overall, the weight has only decreased by a relatively small amount, considering that practically everything has been upgraded. But this is mainly because I have added components such as the front shifting system, the heavy Pletscher kickstand, mudguards, rack and stuff like that. In any case, I am not too concerned about the weight of the Boardwalk. After all, I am already adding a rear rack and panniers to it so that I can carry more stuff when required!


  1. Can you give estimates how much is the total cost when you upgrade based on the above picture...thanks

    1. Too difficult to estimate, as the components were gathered and installed over a couple of years. Based on a very rough estimate you will be looking at at least SGD 4k for this bike, for everything on the bike and including the frame. Not inclusive of any labour or know-how for installation.