Saturday, September 14, 2013

3M Reflective Bicycle Spoke Clips

Just sharing a little accessory that I recently got to try out. It is a very simple add-on to your bike that can increase your side visibility at night.

 Authentic 3M reflective spoke clips. Comes in a pack of 8.

Clips on rather easily to the spokes. Not for flat bladed spokes though.

Slightly loose, but it does not move about when cycling.

As seen without flash from the camera

With flash! The view that cars see when you go past on the zebra crossing. The words on the Schwalbe tires are also reflective.

Very simple to install, but really improves visibility at night, especially when the wheels are spinning! Adds practically no weight at all. They clip on securely and don't move about or make any noise when cycling. Looks better than traditional rectangular spoke reflectors. Why not add them to your bike?


  1. Hi,
    Where can I make a purchase for the 3M Reflective Bicycle Spoke Clips and if you don't mind can provide me with the price as well? Thanks!

    1. I got it from Think it is around 6 USD for 8. You can find it on ebay or Amazon too.