Friday, October 11, 2013

Super B Master Link Plier for Quick Release Chain Links

A quick introduction to a very simple but useful tool for home mechanics. I have been using a chain quick link for a few years now, and I find it to be very useful, especially when you need to remove the chain for cleaning or other purposes. There is no need to break and rejoin the chain, which saves quite a lot of effort. It also prevents mis-joining of the chain when using the traditional chain tool.

The chain quick link is made by SRAM and also KMC, and I think there are a couple of other brands making quick links too. The one that I am using is the KMC MissingLink, which is compatible with Shimano chains.

KMC MissingLink for Shimano 10 speed chains

To install or remove this chain link, it is possible to use hands to connect or disconnect it. However, I find that it is much easier to use a tool for this as they can sometimes be too tight for the fingers to open the link. Some pictures showing how it is used can be found at this blog post.

I was previously using the KMC Missing Link Chain Pliers, and they work pretty well at disconnecting the chain quick link. However, I find that sometimes it can be quite difficult to join back the chain, as I can't make the quick link sit into place properly even when I push hard on the crank.

Came across this Super B Master Link Pliers, which has 3 claws that ingeniously connects and also disconnects the chain quick link.

Can be found at Scootz, Bukit Merah branch.

Designed to disconnect and connect chain quick links!

At rest, before activation. Note that the left side is for disconnecting the chain, and the right side is for connecting the chain.

When the handles are squeezed, one side of the plier closes, while the other side opens! The side that closes will disconnect the chain, while the side that opens will force the quick link into place. 

 Master Link Pliers in use!

My old KMC Missing Link Pliers, still working well.

Simple and functional construction.

With the purchase of the new Super B Master Link Pliers, the KMC Missing Link Pliers is now redundant. If anyone is interested in it, let me know!


  1. looks like a really cheap deal! I just began using the Missing Link and looks like I should get the tool!

  2. I always read your blog, and I see with admiration many items and equipment from abroad that are not sold in Brazil. Very cool to have contact with what is happening in the world of folding bikes through internet and your blog. Congratulations.

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  3. Is kmc xsp x8 compatible to 9speed cassette? I did a chain change today at LBS and found that whenener I chchange my gear to 9 speed, it always jump n never smooth. Can you kindly advise me on this?

    1. That is a 8 speed chain, not compatible with 9 speed cassette. There will be a lot of rubbing noise if you use 8 speed chain with 9 speed cassette.

  4. Thanks buddy! I will check with LBS accordingly. Cheers!