Thursday, October 10, 2013

TAT Titanium QR Skewers for the Dahon Vitesse X20-TT

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the quality of different QR skewers available in the market. From the post, you will be able to see and differentiate between good and poor QR skewer designs.

For Dahon or Tern wheelsets, a shorter front QR skewer is required, as the front hub (74mm) is narrower than standard front hub widths (100mm). This greatly limits the choice of QR skewers available. A front 74mm and rear 130mm QR skewer is required for most Dahon or Tern bikes. For models with rear internal hub, a rear QR skewer length of 135mm will fit better.

Out of the many brands of QR skewers available for  Dahon / Tern bikes, I find that TAT makes one of the better QR skewers out there. The quality of the QR skewer is quite good, with nicely machined parts. Also, the hardware is mainly made from Aluminium or Titanium, which makes the QR skewer really lightweight.

In view of that, I got a set of TAT Titanium QR skewers for the Dahon Vitesse X20-TT. This is because the stock PZ Racing QR skewers are already rusty at the pivots.

Silver coloured TAT Titanium QR Skewers, 74/130mm for Dahon or Tern bikes

Good quality lever and brass washer for smooth and firm clamping action

PZ Racing front QR skewer is already rusty at the pivots

Same for the rear QR skewer

New shiny front QR skewer! See how the brass washer works to smoothen the clamping action.

Smooth and firm clamping action. Try it to believe!

New QR skewer for the rear wheel too.

Silver QR skewer goes well with the silver Tektro R559 caliper brakes, LitePro headset and Fnhon handlepost!

View of the rear with the new TAT QR skewers

This is a very simple upgrade that can be done by anybody, just remove the old skewers and insert in the new QR skewers. Just make sure that the length is correct for the wheelset. With this TAT Titanium QR skewers, I don't have to worry about the QR skewer rusting. One less rusty part to spoil the look!


  1. I'm setting up my folding bike and I really like on how you review TAT titanium QR skewer. May I know where can I purchase this item?