Sunday, May 1, 2016

Merida Scultura 5000: Ultegra Di2 6870 Part 2

This continues on from Part 1 of this Ultegra Di2 upgrade project. In Part 1, the original mechanical shifting components were removed from the Merida Scultura road bike, and some of the Di2 components were installed. As this bike is internal routing compatible, the wires have already been passed through the frame and they now end at the bottom bracket area. Next step is to connect them up to Junction B!

The 4 wires (from RD, FD, battery, Junction A) all end at the bottom bracket area. This took some time as it was not easy to thread the wires through the frame.

All the 4 wires will be linked together with the small internal type Junction B. Now, I need to fit everything back into the frame.

The Junction B has been placed into the downtube area just in front of the bottom bracket. I left a loop of wire sticking out to make it easier to remove next time if there is a need to.

Once the wiring has been connected, I tested the system and was glad to find that everything is working properly. The next step is to put back the bottom bracket and crankset, and tidy up everything on the bike.

New cabling since there is no longer any shifter inner cables or shifter outer casings.

The Junction A is tied to the rear brake outer casing, and tidied up with some cable wrap.

The D-Fly wireless unit have been placed on the right side seat stay. It is connected between the rear derailleur and Junction B.

Bottom bracket, crankset and chain reinstalled onto the bike!

New Di2 drivetrain with electronic shifting components.

Ultegra 6770 Di2 shifters! Small and compact sized, it is more comfortable that the mechanical shifters.

I tried to tidy up the wires and cables we neatly as I can using cable wrap

View of the handlebar area.

Less cables running around the front of the handlebar compared to the mechanical shifting setup

View of the full bike with Ultegra 6870 Di2 setup. Not much difference in appearance.

From the right side, the main difference would be the electronic front and rear derailleurs. Other than that, it looks very similar to the mechanical shifting version.

With this component exchange project completed, the Merida road bike now has Ultegra 6870 Di2 components, while the Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo has the Ultegra 6800 mechanical shifting components. This is the 4th Di2 installation project that I have completed, after the Dahon Boardwalk, Dahon MuEX, Wheelsport Fantasy Mini Velo, and now the Merida Scultura 5000.

Click here for Part 3!

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