Sunday, September 3, 2017

Canyon Endurace: Garmin Mount for H31 Ergocockpit

After the introduction of the new bike, the Canyon Endurace CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2, let's take a closer look at some of the more interesting components.

One of it would be the integrated stem plus handlebar. This comes together with the bike, regardless of whether you buy the complete bike or the frameset. It is a really nice integrated handlebar, but you need to like the reach and angle of the handlebar setup, as you cannot adjust it. What you can adjust is only the height of the handlebar as you can put spacers above or under the stem area.

From my experience, the dimensions of the integrated handlebar that comes with this bike is similar to the FSA K-Force Compact road handlebar that I have used before. With a width of 400mm and a stem length of 90mm, this is perfect for me. As for the reach and drop, it is quite close to the usual compact shape that I use, so it should be OK.

Dimensions of the integrated handlebar that comes with the XS size of Canyon Endurace CF SLX. The model number of this handlebar is H31.

With this integrated handlebar, the top of the handlebar is aero shaped, with a flat holding area near the middle. This means that it is not possible to install a standard Garmin mount on the handlebar, as there is nowhere cylindrical to install the clamp or the rubber bands.

Luckily, Canyon also makes the Garmin mount that can be fitted to this H31 handlebar. This Garmin mount can be mounted to the underside of the integrated handlebar using two bolts. If you want to, you can also 3D print your own mount to work with this handlebar, what you need is just the hole-to-hole distance under the handlebar.

When I ordered the bike, I also added this Garmin mount to the order, so that I don't need to buy it separately.

Canyon Garmin mount for H31 Ergocockpit, which is the integrated handlebar used on Endurace CF SLX.

Mount comes with two long bolts for fixing it to the bottom of the integrated handlebar. Material is some kind of reinforced plastic.

Weighs about 31 grams including the two bolts.

There are two positions for placing the Garmin quarter turn mount. You can place it in the outwards position for larger Garmin units such as Edge 1000...

...or in the inwards position for smaller Garmin units. This brings the Garmin unit closer to the handlebar for a more integrated feel.

Garmin Edge 510 installed! Also note the wide interface between the stem and handlebar area.

This is just a simple add on accessory for the Canyon, which allows a Garmin to be positioned neatly in front of the integrated handlebar.

I would like an improved version of this mount that is made of aluminium, with a GoPro style mounting at the bottom of the Garmin. This will allow the installation of a front camera or a front light with the appropriate GoPro mounting.


  1. Thanks for this. Very helpful. I imagine a GoPro version will/is available very soon. K-edge may do one already?
    Just bought my first canyon and forgot I needed this special mount! Oops!

  2. Anyone know the bolt size for the underside of the H31 bars?

    1. It uses a M4 x 0.7mm bolt with a countersunk head.

  3. Can you tell me the length of the bolt supplied with the Garmin mount?

  4. Can anyone tell me if this style handle bar comes with a special place for di2 junction box mounting?

    1. This handlebar comes with a special bracket for Di2 Junction A.

  5. Will using this mount interfere with placing the junction box as right now it uses the second bolt ?

  6. Have you ever figured out how to attach a GoPro mount to the underside of your Garmin mount for the Endurace?

    1. No, it is a plastic mount and so cannot take too much weight.