Thursday, October 5, 2017

Brompton M6R: Brompton Tool Kit

Previously, I had already managed to mount a Lezyne pump, a spare tube and tire levers to the Brompton. Those items have been mounted to the rear rack, which means that I don't need to store those items separately in a bag.

However, one other very important tool that I need for puncture repair on the Brompton is a size 15 wrench! This is necessary to remove the axle nuts on the front or rear wheel, as it does not have quick release axles. Only then can the wheels be removed to change the inner tubes.

I thought of how to mount a size 15 wrench to the rear rack, but can't seem to find a neat way to do so. Most of the ideas involve tying or taping the wrench somewhere on the rear rack, which is not so neat or secure.

Then, I came across the Brompton Tool Kit, which is an integrated tool kit specially designed by Brompton for the Brompton! It seems to be the perfect solution for carrying tools on the Brompton.

Brompton Tool Kit designed by Brompton

The most interesting part of this tool kit is how it integrates the size 15 wrench into the tool kit.

This complete tool kit weighs about 199 grams. A reasonable weight, but not for weight weenies.

Upon removing the outer cover, the tools inside can be seen.

The size 15 wrench, with a ratcheting tool bit at the end.

Two metal tire levers are included, although I still prefer to use the Schwalbe tire levers.

Wrench removed from the base

Metal tire levers also double as size 8 and 10 wrenches. These two levers snap together with magnets for neat storage.

Main base holds the different sized Allen key and screwdriver bits.

Sandpaper and one patch is included. I added the Park Tool tube patch to this kit.

The full range of tool bits available, very useful! Allen key sized 2 to 6, plus cross head and flat head screwdriver bits.

The tool bits are inserted into the ratcheting mechanism at the end of the size 15 wrench for good leverage.

Based on the available tool bits found in this tool kit, it is very well designed. Allen key bits, screwdriver bits and wrenches can cover 99% of all required adjustments. Best of all, the whole package is very compact and fits directly into the Brompton frame!

Brompton Tool Kit slots into the front part of the frame

The innermost end of the tool kit has a magnet that holds it securely against the head tube. Also, the rubber around the other end allows the tool kit to fit snugly within the frame.

The only part that sticks out of the tool kit is the size 15 wrench.

One thing I noticed is that the wrench might interfere with the Imperium Cycle Hinge Clamps which I installed earlier. The stock hinge clamps have no problem as there is no nut at the end of the threaded rod, unlike this aftermarket clamp.

What I found was that when the hinge clamp is fully unscrewed, such as when the bike is being folded or unfolded, the wrench can just manage to clear the nut.

When the hinge clamp is fully unscrewed, the nut will clear the wrench by about 2mm.

After closing the hinge, tightening the hinge clamp will cause the nut to pass through the centre of the wrench.

Basically, under normal operating circumstances, the wrench will not interfere with the nut of the hinge clamp, as the nut will be fully retracted when opening or closing the frame. Then, once the frame is closed, tightening the hinge clamp will push the nut through the centre hole of the wrench. Not sure if this is lucky design or ingenious design, but it works well.

I am pleased with this Brompton Tool Kit as it completes the list of tools required to repair or adjust the Brompton while on the road. Not only does it add the essential size 15 wrench, it also includes the other tool bits for adjustments. Highly recommended for those who want to bring a complete tool kit on the road.

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