Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Brompton M6R: Cateye Rapid Mini Rear Light

After changing the front light on the Brompton to a Cateye Volt 400, I decided to also change the rear light to a Cateye rear light. Another reason for changing was that I wanted to use the Moon Comet rear light on another bike.

Previously, I did not want to buy a new rear light for the Brompton, which was why I created a DIY mount for the Brompton. Now, I decided to do it the easy way and get a proper light bracket for the Cateye rear light.

There are a few Cateye rear lights that can be used with the rear rack bracket. I decided to get this Rapid Mini as it is compact sized, and can be recharged easily using USB, instead of changing batteries.

Cateye Rapid Mini rear light

The different operating modes available and also the battery runtime for each of them.

Comes with a bracket for mounting to seatpost, plus a rubber band and a wedge.

1 large LED in the middle, supplemented by 2 smaller LEDs at the sides

Cateye light bracket for rear rack

Using these stock mounting points on the Brompton rear rack, mounting the Cateye light bracket will be easy.

Easily done with bolts and nuts to fix everything together.

One problem I found was that this rear light bracket is actually not compatible to the Cateye Mini rear light. The shape is similar, but the dimensions are a little bit different. It is a very tight fit, which is a problem if I want to remove the light for charging next time.

Therefore, I had to file down a bit of the mounting point on the Cateye rear light, in order to make it fit better into the bracket. I did not anticipate this as the Cateye light mounting shape looked the same to me.

In any case, the modification was successful and I could fit this Cateye Mini rear light onto the Cateye light bracket for rear rack.

With Cateye Mini rear light mounted. Height can be adjusted if required. If angle adjustment is necessary, the metal brackets can be bent.

The light is nested within the diameter of the Eazy wheels, protecting it from damage.

Good clearance between the light and the ground, to prevent damage when rolling over uneven ground.

This is a very simple modification, what you need is just the Cateye light bracket for rear racks, and a compatible Cateye rear light. Compact and lightweight, yet bright enough for good visibility.

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