Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dahon Vitesse: 2x10 Speed Flat Handlebar Setup

The Dahon Vitesse has come a long way since I started being interested in folding bikes. From the my first Dahon folding bike, the Dahon Boardwalk, to this Dahon Vitesse, I have learnt so much about folding bikes from modifying these two bikes.

Previously, the Dahon Vitesse had a 2x10 speed bullhorn bar setup, which was great for touring or fast riding due to the aerodynamic riding posture. Now, the focus has changed to just normal recreational riding, which means that the bullhorn bars will be removed to get a more compact fold and simpler setup.

This means that the handlebar area and shifters will be changed, while the drivetrain components such as the rear derailleur, front derailleur, cassette, chain, and crankset will remain. At the same time, I will service the bike by cleaning up the components.

One advantage of this setup is that I can revert to using normal V brakes, instead of the long arm caliper brakes which do not give very good braking power.

Using Tiagra 4600 2x10 speed shifters and brake levers for this flat handlebar setup

LitePro stem is still there to mate the flat handlebar to the T type handlepost

Kickstand and mudguards will remain on the bike as they are still very useful

Changed back to normal V brakes for simple setup and good braking function

Same Shimano 105 drivetrain components, no upgrade required

Colour scheme is generally silver and black. Only stock components are the frame, fork and seatpost.

Still a smart looking bike with Shimano 2x10 speed road components

With a flat handlebar, now it folds compactly as well! A definite plus for storage.

With this restoration, this Dahon Vitesse rides as well as a new bike again! Gear changing is smooth and accurate with good braking power. Rolling resistance is minimised with the smooth rolling PZ Racing wheelset, while the Marathon Racer tires are comfortable yet fast.

Final weight is about 10.5kg without the folding pedals.


  1. Nice setup!
    I have the same bike And I would like to make some mods. Wich Fhnon stempost do you recommend for a big rider? I'm 6ft. Does the double chainset works well? Thanks a lot

    1. The standard Dahon handlepost that is longer should be better. Such as those on the Dahon MuSP which is 31.5cm tall. Front double crank set is ok but you will need to get a front derailleur adapter.