Thursday, June 21, 2018

Crius AEV20 1x11: Wheelset and Tires

Regardless of the drivetrain selection or component specification, a good set of wheels is a must. Most stock wheels are of average quality and are quite heavy. For example, the stock D7 wheelset that came on my stock Dahon Boardwalk weighs over 1.6 kg, even though it was a low profile rim.

A custom wheelset is always possible, but that is just too much work for too little benefit. Besides, why bother when Wheelsport wheelsets are available for a reasonable price? Lower prices can also be found if you import your own wheelsets from overseas, but there is also risk involved.

For an all black look, the black Wheelsport Smart 1.0 wheelset was selected, for a good balance between appearance (30mm rim profile), function (aluminium brake track is better than carbon brake track anytime) and price (aluminium wheelset is more cost effective than carbon wheelset).

Of course, it has to be compatible to 11 speed, as that is part of the setup. A front 74mm and rear 130mm OLD model was selected to match the Crius frame. Also, a 406 wheelset was selected, to keep things simple and standard, as the frame was designed for 406 wheelsets.

The Crius frame can also take a 451 wheelset, but it will mean more weight (larger rims plus larger tires and inner tubes, plus V brake adapter) and more cost, while it also raises the bottom bracket by about 1 inch. It will also work but it is not necessary.

Wheelsport Smart 1.0 406 wheelset. The spoke pattern is attractive too!

30mm rim profile

About 19mm external rim width...

...and 13mm internal rim width.

Comes with rim tape already installed. I decided to just use the stock rim tape.

11 speed compatible freehub body. I think new wheels nowadays are all 11 speed compatible.

Front wheel weighs 531 grams.

Rear wheel weighs 751 grams.

This gives a total wheelset weight of 1282 grams (inclusive of rim tape), which is quite reasonable. A lighter build with lighter hubs and rims will probably be around 1100 grams. An extreme lightweight example would be the Kinetix Pro wheelset which is just below 1000 grams, but it is more expensive and is not 11 speed compatible.

Stock Wheelsport steel quick release axles, 74/130mm length.

Front 74mm QR axle weighs 51 grams

Rear 130mm QR axle weighs 59 grams

The pair of QR axles weigh 110 grams, which is considered heavy. It is easy to shave about 60 grams off by swapping to a pair of titanium QR axles.

As for the tires, I trust Schwalbe tires, which is why I went for the tried and trusted Schwalbe Kojak tires, 35-406 in size. The wider design is better for comfort and stability, while the bald tread ensures low rolling resistance and weight. A cheaper Kenda tire will probably work well too.

Pair of Kojak folding tires

239 grams for one tire, which is impressive given the 35mm width.

Schwalbe SV6 inner tube for 406 tires

Weighs 90 grams for one inner tube. A more lightweight SV6A inner tube would weigh around 65 grams.

During tire and tube installation, I found that the inner tube valve was a bit short, as the protrusion from the rim was too short for the pump head to attach properly. I had to get a valve extender, even though the rim height was only 30mm. Perhaps I should use an inner tube with a longer valve the next time.

Presta valve extender (for removable core type). It comes as a pair, with the red tool for tightening the extender and the valve core.

Here it how it fits. Remove the original valve core, and insert the extender in between. Obviously this only works for inner tubes with removable valve cores such as Schwalbe.

Final valve length. This is the 30mm extender, which looks quite long. A 20mm one is also available. It weighs practically nothing as it did not register on my weighing scale at all.

Wheelset with tires and inner tubes installed! Ready to be installed onto the bike frame.

Once the cassette is installed onto the rear hub, the wheelset can be assembled to the bike. After that, the rest of the drivetrain components can be installed!

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