Saturday, January 23, 2021

Fnhon Gust: Folded Size Comparison (16 vs 20 inch)

This will be the final post on the Fnhon Gust 16 inch folding bike, and I shall compare it to a 20 inch folding bike. Both are folding bikes, which are designed for portability. However, a 16 inch folding bike is expected to be smaller in size, due to its smaller wheels and more compact frame. Let's see if this is true!

Previously I have done folded size comparisons, between the Java Neo 2 and Dahon MuEX, and also between the Tyrell IVE/Dahon MuEX/Brompton. These comparisons are very useful, if folded size is important for you.

This comparison will be between the Fnhon Gust and the Fnhon DB11. The Fnhon DB11 has a similar size to the Dahon MuEX, which is pretty much the standard for 20 inch folding bikes.

Fnhon Gust folded, looks compact! Highest point is the saddle.

Dura-Ace drivetrain can be seen here

Overall folded length is about 680 mm. Shorter than the 800 mm of 20 inch folding bikes.

Folded width, at its widest point is about 370 mm.

Height at its highest point is about 610 mm.

The Fnhon Gust thus has a folded size of approximately 680 x 370 x 610 mm (L x W x H). This is more compact compared to 20 inch folding bikes, as you will see below.

There is no place to install the frame magnets

Just for info, the frame magnets weigh about 59 grams.

A long velcro strap is used instead to hold the frame together when folded.

Top view of the folded bike. A folding or removable pedal would reduce the folded width significantly.

Gold frame latch on display here! Take care not to scratch it as it is very exposed in this position.

Next, I will place the Fnhon Gust beside the Fnhon DB11 for comparison.

Fnhon Gust at the front, Fnhon DB11 at the back.

The length of the Fnhon Gust is about 120 mm shorter, at 680 mm vs 800 mm.

Folded width is roughly the same, mainly determined by the pedal that you use.

View from the back.

The 20 inch Fnhon DB11 is taller, as the highest point is the handlepost, not the saddle.

Both saddles are at the same height when folded, as the seatpost is the same length. In summary, the 16 inch Fnhon Gust is shorter than the 20 inch Fnhon DB11 in both length and height, with similar width. It is still not as compact as a Brompton, which is still the champion for smallest folded size.

In my opinion, the Fnhon Gust is a very nice bike for casual riding, and also very portable for easy transportation. The weight of 8.4 kg without pedals is also lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Best of all, this bike is not expensive, especially if you put mid-range components instead of high end components.


  1. How portable can it be without a way to roll it around? Carrying an 8kg weight from point A to B is not exactly easy

    1. Compared to stock folding bikes that weigh 11 or 12 kg, 8 kg is considered lightweight.
      If you need to roll it for a considerable distance, just unfold and roll it along

  2. Hello,
    Plan to upgrade my folding bike - Fnhon Blast with 20"-451 wheel.
    Since I have slx m7100 freehub (non boost) with microspline, and a 10-45 12 speed shimano sprocket with rear derailleur sitting around (from my mtb - and I already upgrade it), is it okay to install it and paired it with 52t 1x single ring narrow wide front ?
    I'm sorry for my question, I still learn about the gear calculator :)
    Thank you.

    1. The 10-45T cassette is far too big for 20 inch wheels. Max is about 40T sprocket for 20 inch wheels.
      The rear derailleur cage will also be too long, as it will rub against the tire or the ground.