Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wellgo M142 Flat Pedals

Just a short review of my new pedals! Previously I was using LitePro pedals, which are very decent pedals in itself. It has relatively smooth bearings, and looks good too! But the problem is that the platform is rather small. When I cycle in my covered shoes, the size is still OK. However, when I cycle in my slippers, which I do quite often, the larger slippers mean that my feet cannot rest on the pedals properly. The fourth and little toes will tend to hang over the end of the pedals.

Since Chainreactioncycles has free shipping for now, I decided to make use of this opportunity to get new pedals for my bike.

Welllgo M142 Flat Pedals

LitePro G017 Flat Pedals
These pedals actually look very similar, I think they are probably made in the same factory! The axles are practically the same. The main difference is the length of the pedal platform. The Wellgo pedals have a longer platform, which means that my fourth and last toes will have something to rest on! First, a closer look at the Wellgo pedals.
Grease port on top, for you to inject new grease if needed. Don't think I will ever use this?

Time to compare the two pedals, the smaller LitePro pedals with the larger Wellgo pedals.

 Comparing the lengths with the help of a ruler

When the axles are laid flush with each other, the longer Wellgo pedals extend about 1.5cm more than the LitePro pedals. This is approximately a 20% increase in pedal area. The Wellgo pedals actually come with screw studs at the end of the pedal for improved grip, but I removed them because they are too sharp.

 The LitePro pedals have rounded edges, while the Wellgo pedals have sharp corners for better grip.
If you want to compare the dimensions of these pedals with your current pedals, the end of the Wellgo pedals is 100mm from the crankarm when installed. The width is 60mm, while the thickness is 20mm at the thickess part (top of the edge) and 15mm between the "valleys" on both sides.

What I don't like about these pedals is that the edges are too sharp! They are meant to be sharp for better grip, but then again I didn't have any problems with grip when using the LitePro pedals. Just have to be more careful so that you don't cut your legs with the pedals.

Weight wise, these two pedals have very similar weight, about 220 grams per pair. The smoothness of the bearings on these Wellgo pedals are not as good as the other pedals I have tried.

Smoothness of axle bearings:
MKS FD-6 > LitePro G017 > Wellgo M142 > Stock Suntour folding pedals

When you spin the pedals with your fingers, you can feel the difference in smoothness easily. However, when pedalling, the friction from the pedals are quite negligible, you can't really feel any difference in the smoothness.

These pedals are quite decent for the price, and looks pretty good too. Lightweight construction and relatively good sealed bearings are the other plus points.

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  1. Less smooth probably means better sealed.

    But no seal is 100% effective so one day they'll need greasing whatever. So why would you never use a grease port?

    Dismantling stuff to maintain it is sooo primitive! Or leaving it to get REALLY unsmooth and wear out is not only inefficient but also wasteful!