Saturday, October 16, 2021

Focus Paralane: All-Weather Usage

For casual riding, you would normally only go cycling when the weather is good, which is defined as not raining. Most people avoid riding in the rain, or even after rain, as the wet roads will make the bike very dirty, due to the water and dirt that is splashed up onto the bike and the rider.

However, if you are commuting to work by bike, you don't always have the luxury to choose when to ride. If you choose not to ride home that day (due to rain or wet roads), it means that the next day or next time you commute to work, you will not be able to ride, as the bike is still stuck at the office.

This was why I had a dedicated commuting bike, which uses belt drive, internal hub, disc brakes, mudguards and other rain proof designs to ensure that I can commute regularly even when it is raining or if the roads are wet. The Avanti Inc 3 was first, followed by the Fabike C3 which is lighter in weight.

Then, once I realized that a good rust resistant chain is available, it opens up the possibilities as I can just use a regular road bike with mudguards as my all-weather commuting bike. The Focus Paralane is set up just like a road bike, but with additional mudguards.

Thus, I get an all-weather road bike that rides fast and is not afraid of rain or wet roads, which allows me to commute regardless of weather. Of course, when there is heavy rain, I will still be unable to ride, but that is because of the low visibility and slippery roads, rather than a bike limitation.

Here are some pictures of the Focus Paralane, going through wet roads and getting splashed with water and dirt, just like an all-weather commuting bike.

No one else on the wet park connector, as it is just after rain.

Wet roads? No problem!

With full mudguards and a host of rust resistant components, riding on wet roads is not a problem for me, even at road bike speeds.

At West Coast Park, with oil rig construction in the background.

Good for exploration, as I don't need to worry about getting the components dirty.

How it looks after wet rides, and this is with mudguards. It would be a lot worse without mudguards.

These components are pretty much rust proof with respect to rain water. Dirty but still perfectly functional.

With a large 11-36T cassette and a 40T chain ring, the Focus Paralane can even make it up Jalan Dermawan, one of the steepest slopes in the west.

This is not a camera trick, it really is this steep. Just look at the fence and the bike resting against it.

I'm surprised to see cars at the top of the slope, as it seems quite challenging to drive up and down this steep slope safely.

Good challenge for those who likes climbs. This is a short but steep slope.

I'm really happy with this all-weather road bike, and I can go out for a ride without worrying that I will get caught in the rain. For me, getting wet in the rain is not the issue. Rather, it is the work needed to clean up the bike after a wet ride, to prevent rust.

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