Saturday, October 2, 2021

United Trifold: Handlebar Area, Seatpost, Saddle

I shall make this a short post, since there is not much new stuff to write about in this post. Since I am upgrading the United Trifold folding bike, I decided to get all new parts for it. The stock handlebar, seat post and saddle are usable, just that they are rather heavy. 

Toseek carbon handlebar. Cheap, lightweight and good, a rare combination.

560 mm wide, ideal for folding bikes.

Litepro handlebar rings, to keep the handlebar left-right alignment fixed, even if you loosen the handlepost clamp to rotate the handlebar.

Tried and tested Ergon GP1 grips, that I use on all my flat handlebar bikes, such as the Dahon MuEX and Fnhon DB11. This is the OEM version which has black clamps. OTC versions have a silver clamp.

A bit heavier than standard round grips, but the extra 50 grams is definitely worth the comfort. 

One of the best flat handlebar brake levers around, the Shimano BL-R780 brake levers, to be used with caliper brakes.

Litepro A62 seat post, the heavier but stronger version of the more common A61 seat post.

The saddle clamp design is beefier than the A61 design.

The saddle rails are better supported than the A61, as there is a larger contact area with the saddle rails.

New saddle as well, for weight savings. The cutout should make it quite comfortable.

With the stronger saddle rail design on the seat post, I can use carbon saddle rails safely as the load is distributed over a longer section of the rails.

This new saddle is lightweight as well, at just 151 grams. Not as light as the Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow saddle, but a lot cheaper.

Seat post plus saddle combination is 573 grams. Could be lighter, but I think this is a good balance between weight and durability.

Comparing the stock seat post (similar to A61 seat post design) to the Litepro A62 seat post.

All the new parts shown in this post are black, to keep it simple. Black colour always matches well, regardless of what other components are.


  1. Hi, thank you for the information on Ergon grip. I did not know that they have OEM. I know Punggol Lew sell these at around 55% cheaper than the OCT version.

    I know that you used both version before. Beside the weight, may I know is there a different between OEM & OCT grip in terms of quality?

    1. Feels the same to me, only the colour is different.