Thursday, November 17, 2011

Topeak QR Cagemount Review

Have you ever wished that you could remove your bottle cage from your bike easily? If the answer is yes, the Topeak QR Cagemount may be just the one for you!

The Topeak QR Cagemount works like an adaptor that lets you separate your bottle cage from your bike frame without tools. Normally the M5 screws of the bottle cage will screw directly into the bike frame, making it very inconvenient to remove bottle cages when not required.

 I was too eager and had already removed the QR Cagemount, before I remembered to take a picture.

Now, with the QR Cagemount, the mounting is now in 2 stages. The base of the QR Cagemount is fixed to the frame, while the bottle cage will be fixed onto the grey upper part of the QR Cagemount. See pictures below.

  QR Cagemount when separated

 QR Cagemount when fixed together. Press the black tab at the side to separate the two parts.
The black base of the QR Cagemount as fixed to the bike frame

The grey upper part of the QR Cagemount. The bottle cage will be fixed to the grey part.

But what is the fun if you only attach a plain old bottle cage to it? I decided to make it more modular by attaching my Monkii bottle cage and the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive to it!

Upper part of QR Cagemount with the mounts for the Lezyne pump and Monkii bottle cage attached.

Shown as fixed onto the bike!

The mounts for the Lezyne pump and the Monkii bottle cage are also quick release type. Which means that I can remove either one or both of the accessories very easily!

Configuration A
Only the Lezyne pump mounted. 

Used on shorter rides where water is not needed, or when I am using the other bottle cage mounted on the handlepost.

Configuration B
 Only bottle cage mounted

This configuration is used when I need to fold the bike along the way. Because the pump will get in the way when folding the bike, I usually put the Lezyne pump in my Dahon Tour Bag instead of on the bike frame for ease of folding.

Configuration C

Both the bottle cage and pump mounted. Fully equipped!

This configuration is used most of the time, when I am riding longer distances or when folding is not required. Nowadays I bring my Lezyne pump with me almost everytime I ride, unless I am only going downstairs for a quick spin.

With this Topeak QR Cagemount, it makes it very easy to take both the bottle cage and Lezyne pump off the bike at the same time! Just press the black tab at the side and the top grey portion slides out, together with the bottle cage and pump.

If paired with the Monkii Clip, you can mount this on your handlepost too. First attach the Monkii Clip, then the QR Cagemount, then a pump and a bottle cage. And you can remove all these very easily for folding. Bromptons come to mind immediately!

Monkii Clip mounted on frame

This Topeak QR Cagemount can be bought at Soon Watt. Very useful product! I'm sure there are other innovative ways to use this QR Cagemount. Check out the official Topeak page here.


  1. Maybe I missed this in your post, but will this work with any bicycle? I have a Montague folding bike, which has the regular kind of bosses for water bottle cages - would this QR mount work with those? Or is it brand specific?

  2. How much does it cost?

  3. Hey Chris

    It will work with all normal bottle cage bosses. No problem for your Montague!

    And it cost S$8 at Soon Watt.

  4. On the page, the last picture has a mount that attaches to the mountain bike frame. Where and how much is this bottle cage mount? I know it was paired with the monkii. Intend to use on Strida A frame. Thank you very much.

  5. For the Monkii Cage mount, it is usually available together with the Monkii Cage. Try Diginexx for Monkii products.

  6. Thanks. I give them a rjng.

  7. can the monkii clip adaptor be safely used as a regular bottle cage mount when the monkii cleats are removed?

    1. I think so. It just becomes the screw bosses for a regular bottle cage.